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Big Bloomingdale News: Baraki No More – Rustik Coming to 1st and T St, NW Sooner than you Think!

by Prince Of Petworth August 1, 2010 at 9:38 pm 48 Comments

The saga of Big Bear Cafe’s (1st and R St, NW) quest for a liquor license has captured the attention of most Bloomingdale residents. Meanwhile, nearby, another bar/restaurant has been quietly progressing. Build out at the corner of 1st and T St, NW has nearly been completed (I had to use an old photo above). For those who follow Bloomingdale news closely you may recall that a restaurant called Baraki was going to open up in this space. Baraki was even granted a liquor license.

And back in Jan. I told you about a proposed neighborhood bar called, Rustik. Rustik was hoping to open across the street at 1832 1st St, NW. Unfortunately that space didn’t work out but I recently learned that Rustik has negotiated with the owner of the retail space at 1st and T and that will be the new home to Rustik.

As I mentioned, Baraki, had already been granted a liquor license so Rustik will be able to have it transferred rather easily. Though, keep in mind Rustik will also be a restaurant featuring fire brick pizza. So keep your eyes peeled for the opening at the corner of 1st and T Streets, NW because they’re gonna be open a lot sooner than you think. I’m betting by the end of the month but as we’ve learned strange things can happen in Bloomindgale. I’m hesitant to say that the drought in Bloomingdale may soon be over, nevertheless, I’m looking forward to lifting a pint there very soon!

Update: There will be an “open house” this Sat. to help celebrate 1st on First art walk (August 7, 2010 – 12 to 4 PM.)

  • so does alex duni still own the building, and is bringing on the rustik folks as business partners?

    • Anonymous


    • Jeff

      Don’t worry about it, dude.

      • when did it become a crime to be curious about the details of a news story?

        please, don’t refer to me as “dude.” thanks!

  • Anonymous

    i hope people will finally STFU about anc5c being racist and anti-gentrification when both this place and EC-12 have gotten anc backing.

    • What?

      How does this prove that they’re not racist and anti-gentrification?

      • Anonymous

        no need to extrapolate. i offered baraki and ec-12 anc approval as counterpoint to the argument that anc is racist and anti-gentification due to its non support of BBC.
        i didn’t try to offer “proof”.

        • What?

          I think that there are plenty of other reasons people make those accusations. In fact, I dont even like BBC, nor do I particularly care whether they’re the ones who get the first liquor license, or anything of the sort, but things that come out of my ANC worry and sadden me – completely unrelated to the BBC.

          • Anonymous

            like what?

          • What?

            Like Gigi Ransom going off on a tangent about white gay men having less rights to express themselves in the neighborhood than black people?

            What about racially loaded rhetoric about gentrification in general? What about believing that residents that have lived there longer have more of a voice than current residents? Gee I wonder what that means…

          • Anonymous


            accusations aren’t the same as truth.

          • What?

            I’m not making accusations. Ransom’s remarks were recorded, I believe. Definitely reported, verbatim, by the WCP.

            I’ve heard the other stuff with my own ears or read it with my own eyes.

          • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    Is it ok if they still talk about the ANC being petty and counter-productive, or is this off limits too?

    • Anonymous

      We have to keep the discussion insightful, there are a few ground rules for commenting. You are only allowed to comment if:

      1. You didn’t know/still don’t know what the acronym ANC meant until last week.
      2. A belief that yelling loud in the comments makes you right
      3. The acronyms, ABRA, C of O, DCRA, and DDOT mean nothing beyond one of those is somehow connected to bike lanes.

      Please carry on

  • Anonymous

    This is really really great news. I will be there all the time! Yeah for Baraki!!!

  • LeDroit/Bloomingdale Resident

    The ANC is still a joke. I hope they redraw the lines so that some of these comissioners can keep their personal opinions out of Bloomingdales best interest. And hopefully some of the drama queen comissioners will be ousted soon too.

    • Anonymous

      really, give it a rest, you’re adding nothing of value to the conversation.

      • LeDroit/Bloomingdale Resident

        …in your opinion. in my opinion, neither are you…

        • Ledroit Park resident

          so do you live in ledroit or bloomingdale? one or the other or do you have places in both?

  • T St Resident

    Can we just be happy for and supportive of Baraki for a few minutes? This is great news for Bloomingdale. We should be happy about this, and show our support.

  • R St Resident

    I’m betting a month, too! Enough of the ANC, let’s enjoy what we have coming in the future. :)

    • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Interesting to see businesses that work with the city and the neighborhood, instead of trying to force their way with waves
    of blogger hysteria, are the ones quietly and effectively getting things done.

  • “For wine-lovers, if you worry that a tavern style restaurant usually lacks a good wine list, you will be pleasantly surprised. We love wine as much as beer, and we know how a good wine should be. We promise a diverse list with flavorful wines, too.”

    I will never leave this place. Never.

  • Eckington Neighbor

    Hey PoP- this is indeed very exciting – can you provide any more details about why you think it will open so soon, why transferring the license will be a breeze? Anything else you feel comfortable sharing… its just good news has been so rare around here – I want to milk this one for all its worth. Give us more!

    However, if you cant – I do appreciate you bringing us what you can.

  • Please refer to us as Rustik Tavern.

    Thanks much.

    • Prince Of Petworth

      Will do! But it’s ironic that you ask us to do so under the name Rustik instead of Rustik Tavern. :)

      • Rustik for short, Rustik Tavern full.
        just not Baraki :)

    • T St Resident

      Dear Rustik Tavern,

      Thank you for your patience with the system. I am so happy you will be open for business soon. I can see your store front from my front window. I look forward to being a regular! When do you think I’ll get to stop by?

  • PSR

    Cheers to the Rustik Tavern!

  • Chris on Seaton

    Woohoo!!! We can’t wait to spend more of our money in Bloomingdale.

    We will definitely become regular customers.

  • 2nd street

    Great news! Can’t wait to raise a glass and grab some pizza!

  • Ian

    Has anyone heard about the progress of the bar which is supposed to be opening on Rhode Island Ave NW, a couple doors down from Bloomingdale liquir??

    • Eckington Neighbor

      If you’re talking about Boundary Stone, I hear theyre still planning on going forward. Run into a thing or two associated with red tape, though I know no details.

      Last I heard they’re looking to open Jan 2011, but that was at the open house a few months ago.

      It’d be interesting to have an update.

  • Anonymous

    This is great news, but when does Baraki open?

    • JohnDC

      Never. Baraki isn’t moving foward, Rustik Tavern is taking their location.

  • Anonymous

    There is a Rustik Tavern in Brooklyn. Is this place related in any way?

  • The Commish

    Rustik Tavern will be a great addition to Bloomingdale. In a commerical space with all the proper docs and permits. It’s nice to see that some businessmen know how to conduct themselves and to get the job done. Can’t wait to try your pizza!

    • Tres

      This is exactly the kind of pettiness we associate with the ANC. Can’t we get comissioners who act like adults?

  • Ian

    Yes, Boundary Stone. That’s it. I peaked inside a couple months ago and saw work underway.

    Fingers crossed…what would be an easy walk from 2nd st NE!!

  • DavidOnS

    Happy to hear about Rustik Tavern! glad the long battle Baraki fought will lead to a real victory. I hope the restrictions placed on their license (shorter hours) won’t affect them too much. Assuming the pizza is good, I’ll be a regular!

    P.s. To those who were wondering why people think they will be opening soon, people on the rustik tavern mailing list were told that the other day

    P.p.s boundary stone is still moving forward as of last month. I ran into the cofounders at the Irish place in Chinatown in early July and they confirmed progress is being made.

  • tjq

    Dear Owners,

    Welcome to the neighborhood! I look forward to visiting Rustik Tavern. Please consider including a gluten free pizza option. It would be great to have a gluten free pizza just a couple blocks from home. I eat out nearly everyday but I end up frequenting the same 2 or 3 restaurants because I have Celiac Disease and its challenging to find local spots with appealing gluten free options. Thanks!

  • anonymous

    This is great news! Any word on what is going on with Beau Thai?

    • Anonymous

      In shaw has been following that one. A neighrbor of mine here in bloomingdale told me is was opening soon.

      If all these plans pan out this will be quite a cool neighborhood.

  • Amy

    I am so SO excited for Rustic. I will eat their wonderful vegetarian pizza and red wine EVERY night!

  • not the baraki

    they’ve posted a few pictures here:

  • Anonymous

    so what kind of beer are they serving?


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