From the Files of There are Good People Doing Good Things Too

by Prince Of Petworth July 20, 2010 at 11:30 am 10 Comments

From a Yachad press release:

On Friday, July 9th at 5 p.m., Washington, DC housing and community development organization Yachad celebrated the work of its teenage volunteers, who helped make a Northeast Housing Coop more accessible to people with disabilities. Beginning and finishing work during the sweltering heat wave that hit our area this month, a group of local teens built a professionally-designed accessibility ramp for the 2nd Street Coop on 5744 2nd St., NE, Washington, DC.

Yachad’s “Ramp it Up!” program paired these high school students with professional carpenters. The ramp they finished makes four to six coop units accessible in the previously inaccessible fifty-two unit housing complex. By mobilizing skilled and unskilled volunteers and empowering homeowners with skills and education, Yachad works to repair the homes and communities of low-income homeowners to ensure that Washington, DC can remain a diverse city.

Now that the ramp is completed, Yachad will continue working with volunteers to make key renovations to the bathrooms, kitchens, and doorways of several of the ground floor apartment units.


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