Washington, DC

“Dear PoP,

This is that corner of Holmead and Park Road, NW where you have to do a U-turn to get in to the Giant parking lot (in Columbia Heights). Illegal parkers at this location really irritate me, as they destroy visibility and impede travel.

Check out the plate on this gem. “At large Council Member” It was there for at least an hour as I shopped. Note the proximity to the stop sign, the fire hydrant and the clearly marked “no parking” sign. Why in all get out couldn’t he just park in the garage?!”

So which At Large Council Member drives an H3? Secondly, in the age of camera phones and the internet how can they possibly think this will not get out.  So I am publishing these photos at 10:30am – how long until we get an apology?  And if they were not ticketed I’d like them to donate the cost of a parking ticket to a Columbia Heights charity of their choice – sound fair?


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