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Coolest Pet in PoPville 2009 People’s Pick, Ike

It is time for the Coolest Pet in PoPville 2010 competition! For those not familiar with this highly anticipated contest the rules are simple – you may send in 1 photo of each pet you own (no more than 3 total). There are three standard categories: Dog, Cat, and Other plus a new category this year – multiple pets. If you have a few pets feel free to get a shot of them all together for this new category. However the winner of the overall contest will come from the Dog, Cat or Other category.

Send a photo of your pet to princeofpetworth(at)gmail(dot)com and in the title please say “2010 PoPville Pet Contest – Dog” or Cat or Multiple or Other. If you would like to include a sentence or two about your pet that would be great but is not required. The process is simple – all pets will get an initial group post, if one is particularly striking let me know in the comments. A selection of 5-10 pets per category will make it into the finals for each category. At the very end the winner of each category will face off for title of Coolest Pet in PoPville. In addition to bragging rights, the people’s pick and editor’s pick will have t-shirts made up with their picture on the shirt. (Have you seen Ike or Dr. Dre shirts around town?) Here are the 2009 dog finalists, cat finalists, and ‘other’ finalists or all the posts from the 2009 Coolest Pet in PoPville competition here.

Good luck!

Editor’s pick for Coolest Pet in PoPville 2009, Dr. Dre


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