Washington, DC

Photo by PoPville flickr user julianne’s

I’ve been following with interest and disgust a series of emails about incidents near the Eastern Market metro. Many of the emails recount stories like this:

“My family (4 and 2 year olds) also was closely followed and verbally assaulted by this guy last month when crossing the street in front of the EM metro. I was totally flustered by the encounter, even with my husband present. I felt awful about the incident, namely because in rushing to get away from him and across Penn Ave, I basically led my 4 year old into traffic. While the man seems mentally ill, he has his wits enough about him to repeatedly target/assault families with small children in tow.”

I also wanted to share the wise advice given by another poster:

“I was taught if someone is following you on foot or even in your car, DO NOT GO HOME, go to the closest business and call the police.”


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