Dog Lost, Possibly Stolen in Truxton Circle – $2500 – Reward No Questions Asked

by Prince Of Petworth — June 23, 2010 at 5:03 pm 49 Comments

“Dear PoP,

This happened on Sunday June 20th, the owner is a local D.C. business owner in Shaw/Convention Center area, he was at home Sunday, called for his dog to go outside at about 4 p.m, she did not respond at that point. The house is on Bates Street NW, right off Florida Avenue and North Capitol. She was not wearing her collar but she does have a microchip. He said it is not like his dog to run away and he fears someone may have taken her for dog fighting purposes.

Her name is Chloe Moo Moo Poundcake, she is a pitbull around 2 years old and spayed, she was adopted from the D.C American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. People can contact D.C. police at 202-698-0555 or the EFN Lounge at 202-341-8281. E-mail is [email protected] There is a $2500 reward for her safe return, no questions asked.”

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  • Chloe Moo Moo Poundcake

    That name…. Seriously?

  • PW Neighbor

    The owner should treat this as a lost dog (i.e. run off) just in case. Hang signs all over.

    Story makes it sound as if the dog was taken from inside, if so you can report it as a break in and stolen property. If the dog was out back that is a hard lesson, never leave a dog in a DC backyard unattended for this exact reason. This stuff happens in DC enough that WHS tries to get the word out about it.

    Sheesh, I seriously feel for the pup.

  • ts

    Chloe Moo Moo Poundcake? Really? A few too many chemicals swallowed/inhaled when you named her?

    That said, she’s a cutie in that picture. I hope she is quickly found safe and sound.

  • hush folks

    It’s a great name and she’s adorable. I hope that you get her back!

  • Shawn

    If someone stole my dog………. ………………….. ………………………… …………………………………………………..

    • Ragged Dog

      You and me both….

      • dreas

        And me. Words fail.

  • LCM

    so sad 🙁 Best wishes

  • Jon

    Who gives a fuck what her name is? it’s a dog. Their supposed to have wacky names. Would she be more valuable if her name was Susie?

  • blittle

    I think the name is awesome and I wish the owners and Chloe have a happy resolution.

  • MK

    So awful. People are so disgusting. I hope she’s found.

  • victoria

    Whatever happened to Leo the lost Beagle that ran off from housesitters? Any news? My best wishes.

    • djdc

      Yes, please, what’s the update on Leo? That post actually made me well up.
      Here’s to the safe return of Chloe too.

  • Evie

    Poor girl. Hope she gets home safely.

    And her name is awesome. Almost as awesome as the chihuahua I know named Champion Sassy Burrito II: Electric Boogaloo.

    • PG

      I have a friend whose dog is named Cookie Monster. Until I read this story I thought that was the silliest dog name I ever heard.

      I also hope she gets returned soon!

  • Rukasu

    So someone broke in and stole the dog while he too was inside?

  • pb man

    This is really sad! Good luck finding your beautiful pit. They are wonderful dog and I’m sure the dog misses the family. I hope they catch the fucker who took this wonderful animal.

    The name rocks! Woof!!!!!

  • Scott

    Love the name. Hope I never have to print what I call my dog. Hope you get your wet nose back

  • dog nappers, grrrrrr

    There have been a few stories in the news lately on a sharp increase in dogs being stolen from people’s back yards. In one case, teenagers stole a pit bull puppy right out of a 9-year-old’s arms; in another case a guy had to fight off two other guys who were trying to steal his dog. Be careful, folks, and keep a very close eye on your dogs! I would be devastated if this happened to my dog and I really hope Chloe has a quick and safe return.

  • Anonymous

    The dog disappeared while in the house. FB group here: http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#!/event.php?eid=129519190414655

  • TimeTravelr

    The owner has done everything he possibly could to get his dog back. DC police are aware of this and involved because the dog was inside the home, hence why he had no collar on him. At a time like this, is it really appropriate to make fun of her name? Signs are posted, it’s all over the internet, friends and family have gone door to door. Show some respect.

    • dog

      Dogs should have collar and ID tags on 24/7. Dogs don’t plan to get stolen or lost. And yes, I know, a collar wouldn’t stop this dog from having been stolen but should it have run off….it would help!

  • Angry Parakeet

    A group of boys, ages 9 – 13, were walking in my alley between Irving and Kenyon and were actively plotting to steal any dog they could and then get a reward for returning it. When I spoke firmly to them the oldest yelled shut up to the rest and they took off running.

  • Do you have any better pics of her? She’s a cutie, but the lighting in that picture is strange – is she white and tan? What about her body? How tall is she? How much does she weigh? I want to keep an eye out, but I want to know exactly what I’m looking for too.

  • TimeTravelr

    Nichole feel free to e-mail me- I know the owner. She is short in heigh about 30-40 pounds, white and tan. Because of the beautiful split color in her face I think it would be very noticeable if someone spots her. She is about 2 years old and spayed.

    • PoP, can you send me TimeTravelr’s email?

      I’ll put up posts on the Hill Hounds and DCDog listservs (I haven’t seen it up there yet), but I’d like some more info so we know what we’re looking for.

  • andy

    mmmmm…. Moo Moo Poundcake kisses….

  • ocho

    What color is the dog? I cant really tell by the pic if that is tan or gray. I was running on Kansas Ave right near Gethsemane Baptist Church on Sunday and a white/gray pitbull walked around the corner w/ no collar on and scared the crap out of me (no owner, no collar, no nothing). I realize that may be a very far walk/run for the dog but hey who knows.

    • varnum/kansas

      That’s kinda far north of me, too, but there’s a white pitbull that wanders around my area every so often. Sometimes I see him with his owner, but often off leash, just sorta walking himself around the sidewalks.

      The first time I saw him I was walking my dog and it scared the bejezus out of me — I thought he was following us, and stray pitbulls are no joke, right?

      But it appears (and my neighbors tell me) that he’s a nice pup, just not as supervised as he should be.

      • ocho

        O really? yea then we are probably talking about the same dog then. How you just let a pitbull roam the city I dont know. Id be interested to find out where home for that dog is.

  • Herb

    Come home soon Moo-Moo!!!

    captcha: Lucks would!

  • Ms. Pac-Man

    Two teenage girls attempted to steal my next door neighbors’ young female pitbull from their backyard–but they didn’t notice my neighbor sitting on her back steps and when they came with a rope to use as a leash she asked what they were doing and they ran away.

    Seriously, folks, keep an eye on your dogs even on your own property. It’s horrible to think what would happen to them once they’re gone.

    • Nikki

      There was a man with two children going around Brookland stopping people with dogs and offering to walk them or otherwise take them off your hands for a while. They seemed to like pugs, because every pug owner I know got approached. Amazing that people actually try to steal dogs…

  • Anonymous

    supplying a big reward with no questions asked will just encourage people to steal more dogs. possibly even yours again if you get it back.

  • Anonymous

    The youth in this city is unbelievable. Throwing rocks at bicyclists, stealing pets (whether for fight bait or just rewards), attacking men who look “gay”; the list just goes on and on. Even if they are growing up in housing projects without fathers and with mothers high on crack, isn’t there some basic level of human compassion and decent behavior that is learned just from being in society?

    • Anonymous

      I’m not for a moment defending these kids, but most of them didn’t grow up in “society.” At least not society as I imagine you are thinking of it.

    • ocho

      I dont think its sensible to make the statement that the kids doing these sorts of things are all from projects w/o parents in their lives…Some ppl are are despicable human beings just because…last i checked George Huguely grew up in Chevy Chase.

  • Anonymous

    my sister’s boyfriend had his dog stolen a few years back at gunpoint and fox5 picked up the news, the guys who stole the dog saw the news report and returned the dog for a reward, but as soon as they left, he cancelled the check and no one showed up or contacted him to complain. I advise spreading the word far and wide to see if they will return her for a reward and contact the police as soon as someone does.

    • Anonymous

      the VERY same guy that robbed him at gunpoint returned the dog?

    • Shawn

      Dog robbers – so dumb that they accept payment in bad checks

    • Scott

      a check? checks are not keeping it gangster. I don’t think that’s a true story.

  • dog

    Keep your pups safe by keeping them crated when you aren’t around and keeping collar and IDs on 24/7…not just when you are on a walk. Dogs don’t plan on getting lost or stolen so your dog should be dressed for it constantly. And your dog should be chipped, regardless of collar/ID or not. It’s a sad state of affairs but it is how I handle having an adorable pittie in the hood. It’s better than her alternative…which was euthanasia or on a tie-out in some prick’s backyard.

  • Sully

    He just wants his dog back. “No questions asked” I wouldn’t care if they stole my dog either and collected the reward. The sadder side is never seeing your dog again.

  • Anonymous

    Really sorry to read this! Your dog is beautiful, and as a fellow Pitbull owner, my heart feels for what you are going through. Unfortunately trust is a luxury in this city, or any city nowadays……

  • Anonymous

    Moo Moo has been found at teh DC Animal shelter per her owner’s Facebook!!

  • Anon

    DC Animal Shelter found the dog late last night!! She is skinny the owner is ecstatic to have her back. She was found on his street, friends were really searching and spreading the word so it sounds like someone decided to let her go… if she had just been lost they would have found her.

    • la Niña

      this is awesome!!!!

  • briefly

    I remember when I used to take care of a friends pit when he was out of town. When I walked her I would get the shadiest gangster looking thugs coming up to me asking all sorts of questions about the pits sex and age and such. One time I am pretty sure three guys tried to talk me back into a corner wall so they could attempt a strong arm. Pits are worth straight cash money in our ghettos, and female pits are breeding factories and thus worth more. Keep your eyes on them like they got gold fur.

    Also, when I lived three blocks from N. Capital and Florida our alley was a dumping area for dead and wounded dogs from fights, about one a week I think, so that area may be a hotspot.

  • Becca

    This is ludicrous. It pisses me off that people can be negligent about their dog – no collar or tags, leaving a dog attended – and instantly blame theft. It’s called irresponsibility. Dogs do run away. It’s up to the owner to make sure it doesn’t happen.


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