Washington, DC

“Dear PoP,

I am looking for some sunny spots where I can relax and picnic with friends and get some sun. Any suggestions? I spent a lot of time in NYC and loved how everyone just lounges around Central Park or Prospect Park as if they were sitting by a pool. :) I live in Petworth and so far the closest I could find was Rock Creek Park but it seems so full of activities that there’s not much room for lounging….”

One of my absolute favorites is Meridian Hill/Malcolm X Park “bordered by 16th, Euclid, 15th, and W Streets. It is a 12 acre site situated on an almost perfect north-south axis” in Columbia Heights. While it is much smaller, if you liked Prospect Park you will love this one too. And if you just have a few friends, you can always go to some of the pocket parks or Grant Circle where the Beautiful Life was born. Though, if you have a car you can sample some other great parks all over town.

There’s Lincoln Park on Capital Hill, the National Arboretum at 3501 New York Avenue, NE, the Franciscan Monastery in Brookland and dozens of others really. So what do you guys think – what’s your favorite sunny spot or park in DC?


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