Chloe Moo Moo Poundcake Found! Leo Spotted!

by Prince Of Petworth — June 25, 2010 at 11:00 am 31 Comments

I’m happy to report that the pitbull, Chloe Moo Moo Poundcake, stolen/lost from a Truxton Circle home has been found! I’m told:

“The DC Animal Shelter found Moo Moo late last night! The owner is ecstatic and grateful for everyone’s help.”

I’m also told Leo was spotted at the zoo so hopefully there will be good news on that front as well.

  • Ragged Dog


    Did the dog get out or was it actually stolen from inside the home?

    It fills every dog owner with a sense of dread when we hear about “stolen” dogs.

  • great

    wonderful, happy news to end the week!

  • JYW
  • RJ

    Hey I found this dog!!!!! I dropped her off at the shelter. I nicknamed her Daisey, which was WAY off… She was in the alley off bates street :):)

    • Ragged Dog

      Good neighbor award of the week.

    • did you collect your $2500?

      • RJ

        um yeah just noticed that there was a reward! no worries though, i didn’t do it for the reward. she’s such a sweet dog – even though she clearly didn’t like my cat – i’m just glad she made it home! i was so worried that the shelter wouldn’t find owners and made them promise they’d look. she did have a collar on though, it had bones on it. but no tags. i didn’t want someone to use her as a bait dog b/c she was so friendly 🙂 and cute!

        • Shawn

          Wow that’s amazing. Very kind of you! They might even find you through this blog and thank you as a gesture of good will

        • PG


          As a dog owner, I don’t think I could accept a reward for finding someone’s lost pet. Reuniting the dog with it’s owner(s) would be enough for me. Of course, I wouldn’t turn down the offer of some drinks. 🙂

          • Jaynuze

            best person in DC!! That’s why I love my “hood” … good neighbors like yourself are hard to find!!

        • sb

          that’s so kind of you! If you don’t want the reward, I think the owner should donate $2500 to charity instead. Maybe a place that focuses on pet rescue, like:

          http://www.homewardtrails.org/ (where I got my cat)
          the WARL shelter

          http://www.guardianangelsforsoldierspet.org/ or http://www.hopeforveterans.org/pfp.php (fostering animals when their owners do military service)

          http://www.petsdc.org/ (helping HIV+ pet owners take care of their animals, and rehome them when necessary)

    • better name

      I think as your reward, they should let you rename that poor dog.

    • Dboe

      Well done, RJ! Think you can find Leo, too?

  • Anonymous

    Hi Five for a happy ending!

  • award

    Sweet- As someone who’s lost their dog and found them I know the owner is the happiest person in town right now. Now let’s track down little Leo too.

    • Ragged Dog

      Maybe we can send that pack of kids from the Caption contest.

  • Lucy LuLu Cheesecake

    YAY! Good to hear she is home!

  • andy

    mmmm… Moo Moo Poundcake kisses for everybody!!

  • Carol CoCo Cupcake

    Welcome home Moo-Moo!

  • PG

    Moo Moo, Leo and Molly! should form some kind of formerly lost/abducted dog team.

  • dog

    Congrats – amazing story. I second the sentiment that the owner should donate the reward to a few of DC’s finest animal welfare organizations. Particularly some pitty specific groups that really need the help.

  • Kyle

    I think RJ should get the money, even if he doesn’t want it.

  • PW Neighbor

    I am so relieved to hear the little pup didn’t become bait, and sooo happy for the owners!

    Hopefully the Beagle-X will be found soon, too!

  • RJ

    I think that’s a great idea – the money should go to an animal-related cause.

    I’d only hope to be able to walk her some time! She’s a real sweetie 🙂 and apparently we’re neighbors!

  • CB

    Good ending to the story. Wasn’t this dog micro-chipped? I wonder if the animal shelter used it to locate the owner? So many different versions of the chips and readers, I sometimes wonder if they’re really effective.

    • Ragged Dog

      My dog’s chip has migrated to his outer shoulder so I’m not sure even with the right equipment that they could ID him.

    • chipped

      Human said in a previous post that the dog was chipped but not tagged.

  • What’s in a Name

    Can you say sketchy?

  • award

    If Chloe’s looking for a boyfriend:


    platonic, he’s fixed

    • andy

      that poor dog….

  • Adam

    And to add to the happiness, we (the owners of Leo) have got him back! I posted in the initial thread here: http://www.princeofpetworth.com/2010/06/lost-dog-15th-and-harvard-st-nw/

    This is one helluva a community, the people so kind and thoughtful. We just moved here 6 months ago and had no idea the people here could be so generous. We will be making a donation to Lucky Dog animal rescue, where we initially rescued Leo from.

    – Adam


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