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  • Anonymous

    so glad i decided not to go.. what a drag queen fest!

    • Geronimo

      Do you actually think anyone really would have wanted your insecure self there anyway? It was a fundraiser for a good cause and sometimes people do things that they might not otherwise do for good causes… but you wouldn’t know.

  • Cecilia

    As this year’s Ms. Sundress, I’ve got to say my face is pret-t-y terrifying. I don’t know what that guy was showing the crowd, but whatever it was, it wasn’t good!

    Thanks to the judges for bestowing upon me this honor. I’ve never won a blue ribbon, let alone a 22 oz bottle of delicious micro-brew! I will henceforth done bestowed Snow White crown whenever visiting Wonderland. I wonder if I can get free booze during my reign as Ms. Sundress….

    • rose

      Hey Cecilia we also have two baseball tickets and a free movie ticket for you courtesy of The City Paper. We’ll have them in an envelope at theWonderland with your name on it. Sorry we couldn’t find you. Thanks again and Congratulations!

      • Cecilia

        awww, shucks. Thanks, Rose! I’ll remember to pick those up.

  • Anonymous

    the face the girl in the middle of the last picture is making leads me to believe that the guy in the dress is hanging brain…

    • halfsharkalligatorhalfman

      “hanging brain”


    • KR

      Took me a minute, but I LOLed.

  • The guy in the last photo

    For the record, I was not exposing myself to the crowd so let’s put an end to that sordid little rumor.

  • Steve

    It warms my heart that Columbia Heights is a haven for fat drunkards. Now I finally feel at home :-)

  • a steve

    wonderland = wish i was a real hipster bar

    • b steve

      what are the characteristics of a real hipster bar

      Also, could you define a hipster in your own words, not from wiki/urban dictionary/google…

    • Jamie

      Now that’s funny. “real hipster” = the quintessential irony

      No hipster (whatever your definition) would ever identify him/herself as a hipster. You can’t be a real hipster or hipster bar since you’d automatically lose all cred the moment you thought you had it.

  • zilla

    Glad everyone had such a festive time!

  • Nikki

    PoP was getting the primo upskirt views! It was such a fun day and such an awesome event.

  • So, I’m sitting here at RedRocks with Ben (guy in the last photo), and I can definitely confirm that he wasn’t “hanging brain” — however, we did see “brain” from another contestant.

    And, if you’re [un]lucky enough to be Facebook friends with Dallas the photographer, I hear he was digitally doctoring photos of me to reveal more of my “brains” through my exposed undies.

  • Dallas

    Strangely PoP didn’t want to run any of my ‘Taints of the Sundress Party’ collection.

    By the by, ‘accused Luftwaffe’? What kind of a human verification scheme is this [below]?

  • Will some of you please shave your face or at least tame your facial hair??? You’re in the city not in the backwoods of West Virginia. If your chin looks like an exposed armpit then please dust off your razor now.


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