Washington, DC

Thanks to a reader for sending this link from Alex Cooper Real Estate announcing:

“Two-story commercial building with approximately 12,070 square feet of gross building area. Land area is approximately 6,232 square feet and is zoned CR within the Arts District Overlay which allows mixed use development.”

The reader writes:

“The building that houses Station 9 – or used to, don’t know if its still open – is going to Auction on June 3rd.”

This is located at 1438 U Street, NW just east of 15th St, near the gas station. I’ve never actually been inside but from the outside it looks like an amazing building. I think a Tryst type diner would do great here. What do you think would work best here?

Keep in mind that those bidding in the auction will need at least $280,000 just for the deposit… With the deposit that high any guesses as to what price this will probably go for?


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