Washington, DC

Back in early January the murals on this vacant building were painted over. I thought it was a tragedy as they added a lot of color to an otherwise depressing corner. Perhaps tragedy was too strong a word but, to me, it was and is def. disappointing. And the corner continues to be depressing primarily because of this vacant building. I wanted to wait a few months to see if anything would happen. I wrote that it would be great if a business actually moved into the space. Alas, it is mid-May and nothing.

DCist wrote at the time:

“These murals were by no means a celebration of the neighborhood’s history, though a pair on the adjacent wall, one of Robert Gould Shaw and Duke Ellington, and another depicting Carter G. Woodson, were added later by volunteers organized by ANC 2C commissioner Alex Padro.”

Just because some of the murals weren’t a celebration of the neighborhood’s history (even though some were) doesn’t mean that they didn’t have value. But I’ll throw it out to you guys given that the building continues to be vacant- do you like it better now with the murals painted over or with the murals?


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