Dear PoP – Drama last night outside Sweet Mango

by Prince Of Petworth May 26, 2010 at 11:40 am 40 Comments

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“Dear PoP,

I was curious if you knew what happened last night outside Sweet Mango Café around 8:00pm.

I was just getting off the metro last night at 8:30pm and noticed crime scene tape blocking off the peninsula just outside Sweet Mango, where the large ventilation fan is. There was blood on the ground, as well as a number of bloody napkins; it was clearly an active crime scene. My fiancé had passed the area around 7:30pm and it was quiet, so something clearly happened in that hour.

When I walked by to go to work this morning, the blood was still outside on the sidewalk, even though the crime scene was no longer active. I’m not seeing anything about this incident anywhere and was hoping you could provide some insight?”

MPD reports:

“At approximately 8:15 hours, a Robbery gun occurred in the 3700 block of New Hampshire Ave., NW. While canvassing for the suspect, Third District officers stopped the suspect. The suspect was positively identified and placed under arrest.

Great teamwork from both the Third and Fourth District officers!

Lt. Mike Whiteside”


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