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Wed. Afternoon Rental Option – Mt. Pleasant

by Prince Of Petworth April 28, 2010 at 3:00 pm 12 Comments

This apartment is located at 1610 Park Road, NW:

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The Craigslist ad says:

“Exceptional Value!! Two blocks from the Columbia Heights Metro, Metro Bus at your door. The Parkhill Apartments is located in a dynamic and culturally diverse neighborhood. Adams Morgan – Columbia Heights – Mount Pleasant —–Looking for a great apartment? Nightlife a block away and convenient shopping.

Renovated One bedrooms, and studios brand new full kitchen – refinished bathrooms, large walk in closets and a minimal fee for air condition.”

Hmm, from looking at the photos it is not clear what exactly was renovated… But the location is pretty great. Does $1345 for the one bedroom and/or $1185 per month for the studio sound reasonable?

  • Mal

    Does that price seem really low to anyone else, or am I just not used to prices in Col Heights? (I’m currently paying $1225 for a studio at 12th & Mass)

    • JS

      It’s about on par with the other other buildings in the area. The new construction is ~500 more a month for a studio.

  • El Gringo

    I used to live there back in 04-05, and paid ~$1150/month for a 1bdrm in that building.

    Huge floor plans but not many building amenities. Intermittent problems with critters. That said, it was still a great deal for my own 1bdrm. The location is killer, especially for people new to DC…S2/S4 stops right on the 16th st corner there…

    • new hampy

      i lived there from 05-07, probably passed each other in the halls! i had a 1 bdr and paid $1150 for 600 sq. ft. i think the place is rent controlled. in fact i seem to recall a post article on the building…

      anyway, it was a very nice size apt with a greta layout, with the exception of my teeny tiny kitchen. oh and as you mention the critter, ahem roach, problem. it was a great location and i took the s2/s4 everywhere. i think the ad is misleading – it’s not 2 blocks from the metro, it’s more like a 10 or so minute walk, which is not bad.

      had a great experience living there and loved having a doorperson so i could get packages delivered without ever having an issue!

  • Anonymous

    seems low in a great way. that’s what prices in this neighborhood should be.

    • Mal

      I’m definitely not saying it’s *too* low! It seems like what an average person would want to pay for a 1-bedroom apartment.

      Wow my view on rent has really changed since moving to DC… $800 used to seem like way too much money for a 1-bedroom (in Philly). DC’s just cooler that way ;)

  • Jack

    I’ve got a one bedroom on 11th and Monroe for $450 less a month that this place. There’s no doorman and just four washers and dryers in the basement as way of amenities, but it’s pretty respectable. The point of my comment is to ask if there really is such a big difference in pricing between moderately sized buildings (24 units) vs. big nice ones and/or between 16th and Park and 11th and Monroe. Yes, there is goofiness at the park on 11th and Monroe, but this just seems like a big gap between options.

  • jajaja

    aw, hey Melrose Place.

  • matt

    i live 5 blocks south and a block west of 16th. rent in my big building is a bit less and utilities are included, though it’s not the largest space. and i’ve been here 2 1/2 years.

  • new hampy

    oh and all utilities were included!

    • El Gringo

      Yes I forgot about that…that’s why there is a A/C surcharge! You’d pay for cable/Internet of course, but no electric/gas bill is nice!

  • Columbia Heights Boy

    Pretty good deal


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