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Travel Channel’s Food Wars Features Washington, D.C. on April 13th

by Prince Of Petworth April 13, 2010 at 12:30 pm 40 Comments

Photo by PoPville flickr user Getyourshoeshined

If memory serves most of the readers here aren’t huge fans of the jumbo slices of pizza on 18th Street, NW in Adams Morgan but this is still a fun video. I was able to get an early viewing of the video and it was def. interesting to learn about the brothers who own these pizza joints and battle each other for jumbo slice supremacy. So if you have cable it’s worth a viewing. From a press release:

Food Wars Summary
There’s a debate brewing across the country with legions of loyal fans passionately defending the local eateries and the iconic dishes that make their towns famous. Travel Channel’s newest show, Food Wars, sets out to find the country’s most celebrated dishes – foods that define destinations and create local rivalries spanning generations – and settle the debate, “Who makes the Best Dish in Town?” once and for all.

Rivalry Details – Washington, D.C.

There is a FOOD WAR raging in WASHINGTON, D.C. JUMBO SLICE and PIZZA MART both claim to serve the best extra-large slice of pizza perfection. On Tuesday, April 13 at 10PM (E/T), Travel Channel and host Camille Ford are on a mission to settle this feud, naming a victor in this jumbo slice standoff once and for all.

  • anon

    Well. I don’t think anyone who lives here actually eats that crap or debates which is better. But I hope Pizza Mart wins. They were the first after all. To think with all the delicious pizza in this town we are goin on national TV with the Jumbo Slice? If it bleeds it leads I guess.

  • Rick

    I prefer Pizza Mart.

  • Dan

    All ‘zas are not created equal. Thankfully.

    Sometimes you just want a piece of pizza that is the size of your torso. Other times, you want to shell out the big bucks for some brick-oven pie with expensive meats all over it.

    I live here, and live for that crap (though I only actually indulge maybe once a month). The h8rs can h8, but shit, just more pizza for me.

    • Alex

      Fact: Anyone that uses the term ‘za, ‘zza or ‘zas, is an asshole.

      • Dan

        Dags. Alex needs a jumbo slice of chill pill.

      • Chuck

        Grow up, Alex. If you go around talking to people like that, sooner or later someone’s going to feed you a jumbo slice up the nose.

      • Anonymous


        • Anonymous

          that is, +1 for anyone who says “za” non-ironically being an a-hole.

          • Dan

            Good one, Alex!

      • x

        Fact: Anyone that uses the term ‘za or ‘zas, is a Scrabble master.

  • Sully

    I think their choice for biggie slice is awesome. It could have been worse – half smoke.

    • megapizza

      actually i think a bens/weenie beenie throwdown would be more interesting. i always considered the jumbo slice places to be indistinguishable

  • Chris

    The tagline from Alien vs. Predator comes to mind: Whoever wins, we lose.

    • New2CH

      Comment of the week from Chris.

  • Tree Spoonduck

    I really hope they do the contest in its peak hours and no one is comprehensible in the least.

    • 9th and Buchanan

      +100 for your Avatar. I loved Preacher.

  • Badger

    Clearly Pizza Mart.

    I’m a little surprised that the contest isn’t over Ethiopian food. That seems far more DC to me.

  • CM

    Pizza Mart delivery pizza is actually really good and the slices are not the size of doormats!

  • K St.

    I think it’s so sad that this is what our community is being featured for on this show. Ethiopian would have been a great choice, or anything else really. There are so many things that make non-federal DC unique, and they choose Jumbo Slice….


  • Matt

    They should have done Two Amy’s v. Pizzeria Paradiso. Now there’s some good pizza.

    • ontarioroader

      Yeah, but you don’t get throw-down brawls at 2am or litter strewn for 3 blocks in every direction from that…so what’s the fun.

    • I love it that we are so passionate about our city and our food. In fact, we DO eat to live and live to eat! I would like to invite everyone to the airing party tonight! DC’s @Food_Wars Airing Party is TONIGHT at Grand Central! EVERYONE is invited! http://alturl.com/ajcs

  • victoria

    People – it’s funny! Untwist your knickers. I do hope however they feature Jim Graham’s jumbo slice crime connection – (at least re-enact the girl fight!)

  • Jim

    and next week’s episode of Food War is between listeria and salmonella.

  • Sarah

    wow~ They pick the worst town for food and maybe the worst pizza on the planet and some mildly retarded people to defend it?

    • Foodie

      ^ lol, so true!

    • Jim

      “They pick the worst town for food…”

      This vies for the most absurd comment ever written on PoP…and that’s saying a lot. Do you really purport that Oklahoma City, Richmond, Columbia, Detroit, Birmingham, Dallas, Little Rock, Charlotte, Boise, Fresno, Sacramento, Yakima, Salt Lake City, Albany, Buffalo or Indianapolis have a broader spectrum of quality dining options than DC?

      I have travel all over the US for work, and try to travel for pleasure internationally several weeks a year. On average, I’m eating in places like NYC, SF, LA, Seattle, Chicago, Miami, and New Orleans at least 40-50 nights a year, and overseas another 35-40 nights. I look for good, reasonably priced food wherever I go. Unless you are talking about restaurants where the average cost of a meal is $150/person or more (places I don’t patronize, and so can’t comment about), I’ll stack up restaurants within a 20 mile radius of 14th and U against any city in the US, with perhaps the exception of NYC.

      I’ll grant you that DC doesn’t have much in the way of good pizza, but neither do SF or LA, among others. All three cities have 3-4 pretty decent pizza joints but the rest are numbingly mediocre at best, and blankets of bad bread with greasy, cheese-like substance atop a kethcup-y sauce at worst.

  • Foodie

    This is so ridiculous.. they’d be better off doing a KFC vs Popeyes in DC!

  • Anonymous

    I feel sorry for the people who were defending either of the pizza places.. Perhaps it was due to lack of oxygen in their incubators that their tastebuds didnt develop completely and they find Adams Morgan Pizza delicious..

    The only place with edible pizza there I think is Alberto’s..

    Go to Radius or Angelico’s if you need decent pizza in DC.

  • Anonymous

    Has anyone seen this show? So far it has had buffalo wings, cheeseburgers and hotdogs on the show. I think greasy pizza is up on that scale don’t you?

  • The Travel Channel clearly believes that a “war” is warranted over these slices, I’d yawn at the thought of a competition between 2 Amys or Paradiso, we can let the Washingtonian’s and Washington City Paper’s Best of. cover those.

    The local news outlets, WaPo, WCP and Washingtonian have discussed DC’s big slice for years, why not have a show featuring them.

    @Sarah, your remark that DC is “the worst town for food” is such an absurd remark, we have amazing restaurants and chef’s that have set up shop in this city, the awards and accolades that they have received proves that.

    • ontarioroader

      not quite sure what to make of this – an Englishman telling us we aren’t “the worst town for food”? Is that a compliment?

      • Judging from the level of this commentary I’d take it as so.

  • Jim Grahamcracker

    I hope they talk about how the pizza is so popular there are people fighting over it on Saturday nights.

  • I think people need to not take it so seriously. Jeez. It’s pizza. Get over it, people.

    • Ronald Fricken Reagan

      In the short time I’ve been in this city, I’ve noticed that the up-tightness exhibited by the commenters on this board is a trait found in Washingtonians far more than in the residents of any other city I’ve visited or lived in. It’s no wonder outsiders have such a negative perception of DC, since everyone from here comes off as a self-important a-hole. I used to think it was just a stereotype, but it’s true.

      • local

        outsiders? are you serious? maybe you haven’t lived in dc long enough to realize this but the assholes in this city, and wow are there a lot of them, are mostly outsiders. like you. the ever rotating collection of college kids, tourists, short-timers, political staffers, etc are not washingtonians. and neither are you.

  • E

    Are the testers going to be drunk and is the test going to be conducted at 3am? That’s the only way to really appreciate the beauty of a Jumbo Slice.

  • E

    Are the testers going to be drunk? Is the test going to be conducted at 3am?

    That’s the only way to really appreciate the beauty of a Jumbo Slice.

  • DC has plenty of great restaurants, and good foodie culture in some respects, but it definitely doesnt seem to have the longstanding food rivalries that other cities have. DC’s only real food offering that it can call it’s own is the half smoke, and we have an undisputed half smoke champion!

    On the other hand, you could do a whole season of Food Wars in Philly or New York. Older and more established food culture? Better places to eat? Larger population of contentious assholes? Probably all of the above!


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