• new hampy

    i discovered this church the other day. it’s really beautiful from the outside, and has some beautiful gardening and other sculptures.

  • Nice one. I happened upon it back in ’05 when prowling with camera; some opportunistic bird had taken a liking to the messiah’s right eye socket:

  • Ragged Dog

    It’s a fantastic church…However, the inside of the building needs a lot of work. They didn’t even have heat in the winter!

    • MandJmember

      as a member of the church I can assure you they do indeed have heat in the winter. It might be kept a bit low to keep costs down but the heat does flow.

  • KAC

    Looks like a Tim Burton Jesus

  • Godless Episcopalians and their king-worship. That Jesus looks angry…

  • John

    It looks like a crayfish.

  • The kid of a friend of ours called him, “Mermaid Jesus”.


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