Reader Confirmed Fro-Yo Coming To Columbia Heights Plaza in 2 Weeks!

by Prince Of Petworth April 22, 2010 at 11:30 am 8 Comments

I was fairly confident that the scuttlebutt about Fro-Yo coming to Columbia Heights Plaza was true. I’m happy to report that a reader followed up on the tip:

“Yay it is confirmed. While shopping down at H and M yesterday…I wandered into Fro-yo, and they said the Columbia Heights location (in old Rita’s spot) will be open in 2 weeks.”

As I’ve said before, I should be embarrassed to admit it but I freaking love frozen yogurt.

And in other good Columbia Heights Plaza news – Tonight at Wonderland, 5-8pm (11th and Kenyon) there is a fundraiser for the upcoming Community Marketplace and Farmers Market which kicks off June 5th.

  • Divine

    What’s embarrassing about loving frozen yogurt??? It’s so tasty! When this opens, I’ll be in once a week.

  • Anonymous

    Can they really open in 2 weeks time?
    Doesn’t look it from the street view.

  • PG

    Shopkeeper: But it comes with a free frogurt!

    Homer: That’s good.

    Shopkeeper: The frogurt is also cursed.

    Homer: That’s bad.

    Shopkeeper: But you get your choice of toppings.

    Homer: That’s good!

    Shopkeeper: The toppings contain potassium benzoate.
    [Homer looks puzzled]

    Shopkeeper: …That’s bad.

    Homer: Can I go now?

  • Smoove T

    Houston, we have achieved market saturation.

    • PG

      I can’t wait until someone opens up a shop that sells $28 dollar pies that are filled with cupcakes and topped with frozen yogurt.

      • grumpy

        thanks PG, that made me laugh :)

  • Betternot

    Self serve? Hmmm. Sounds swine fluish.

  • Anonymous

    love the sound of it. the only one I remember is located by friendships height. very cute place and green :)



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