Washington, DC

Thanks to Paul for sending the good word about DC’s newest food truck. I swear I’m not becoming obsessed by food trucks, it’s just a coincidence. The truck is an old Postal Office truck that is got fixed up to transport food. I was lucky enough to run into the owner, Stefan. He told me that should all the permits come through, he hopes to be on the road in a couple of weeks. (I’ll update when the exact date is known.) He has spent a lot of time in Miami and thus the name El Floridano. The menu was inspired by his search for the perfect Cuban sandwich. Here’s the menu:

Couple of things to note, The Fidel is not named after Fidel Castro but a friend of Stefan’s named Fidel. Also note that there will be vegan options.

Sweet artwork on the truck as well:

UPDATE They can be followed on twitter here @FLmeetsDC


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