• saf

    I like it – but it’s very like El Limeno. So if I’m down there, I enjoy eating there, but there’s no need to travel there just to eat at Las Placitas.

  • new hampy

    very mediocre.

  • amers

    When I lived on 8th St, Las Placitas used to be a neighborhood go-to restaurant for me. I am more than willing to (and often do) make a special trip to eat here.

  • The AMT

    One of the best for the price skirt steaks I’ve had in this town came off the Salvadoran side of the Las Placitas menu. I’m pro.

  • The chile rellenos are worthy. Save some complimentary chips to dip in their creamy refried bean side dish – very good.

  • Defintely one of the better Mexadorean places in the city. With the 5 or 6 or 7 options in the Hill area, I always go here without second guessing…and because they usually give me a free pitcher of margharitas after we’ve had a few or near closing time.

  • nathaniel

    Not being able to eat here is the thing I miss most about moving off of the Hill. Granted I don’t miss it enough to travel across the city to go there, but it is certainly worth eating if you are in teh area.

  • Steve

    Its been around forever. Owned by the same folks that own the place on 14th, just south of U…can’t remember name.

  • Fig Newton

    It’s nothing special, so I’ve never understood why people eat here when La Lomita is nearby and so much better.

  • KT

    I used to go there a lot with an old boss who loved the place. The guacamole is fantastic.

  • JBE

    It’s OK. Prefer La Plaza on Pennsylvania but they are pretty similar. This place gets really packed though, for whatever reason.

  • oldhouselover

    Las Placitas is waaaaayyyy better than La Plaza. This is among the best salvadorean food in the city (and so far away from Mt. P!). Worth a visit just for the carnitas.

  • when i lived and worked over that way, it was my favorite place to go. it’s still very good. wonderful food, fabulous margaritas

  • Alex

    This has been my go-to Salvadorian place for several years, even before I actually moved into the city. Such great Lomo Saltado!

  • pop-up owner

    We eat there frequently… and have now boycotted La Lomita as they raised their prices substantially and the food quality plummeted.

    La Plaza and Las Placitas are now the go to spots. Also the owner of La Plaza has taken over the old Pacific Cafe at 12th/Penn SE (just painted last week) and is opening another location!

  • Anonymous

    i’ve been eating here for years, but made the mistake of going at lunch recently. there is no specific lunch menu, so you wind up getting a ton of food, and paying more than you’d want to pay for lunch. they really should get a lunch menu. i’ll never go back at that hour.


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