• dmf

    i’ve never seen anyone heed a sign like that. not in a lot, a garage, or anywhere. and in my limited experience there’s also never a ticket either…

  • Yeah – those signs ATTRACT SUVs.

  • Paul

    Where is this?

  • Anonymous

    That’s behind the Gov’t Printing Office and across the alley from Gonzaga. Vast wasteland.

    • PetworthRes

      hmm, I bike by this on my way home from work. It’s funny such a huge area there is undeveloped. In the rest of the area, between the Union Station and NY Ave metro stops almost every formerly empty lot now has a new office building on it. Why not this one I wonder?

  • Robbie

    @PetworthRes I work at GPO, and this entire parking lot is usually filled up from 7-5 every day. There are also night shifts but I don’t think they park there at night. This pic must have been taken on a weekend. There was talk of us building a new building there, but alas, we didn’t have the money. So, in short, it’s not developed b/c it’s land we lease from DC govt for parking.

  • On a side note about the compact spot, I’m 99% sure you have to put this if the parking spot is less than what DCRA requires, which is 9 ft wide by 19 ft long. If the space is less, you can call it “compact” but it doesn’t fulfill parking requirements, say for a building that has a required number of spots. Obviously this lot looks to have a lot of space but maybe it’s related.


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