• la_niña

    perfect example of a good Pop-Up

    • Mal

      This is gonna sound like a snide remark, but I promise it’s not meant to be, I’m curious as to the answer!

      How can you tell that this is a pop up? Is it just because the wood is above what looks like the original construction? What if the wood were part of the original structure, would you still consider this a PoP up?

      • schweeney

        If I recall correctly PoP featured this as it was being renovated and it was a single story building.

  • dreas

    It is a pop-up; the original building was only one story. The owner is an architect and there are photos on his website: http://gronningarchitects.com/projects/residential/otis/index.html

    We live around the corner – he and his gf are very nice, and they have a lovely dog.

    • Thanks for that link, the place looks amazing

  • JenDC

    Love it. Want to own it. Never.

  • pop-up owner

    I am flattered that you find my house so interesting. We call it “the bunker” for reasons that should be obvious. I renovated this structure in 2004, and I think it does qualify as a “pop-up.” The Bunker is currently for rent. JenDC, stay in Manassas.

  • steel

    looks like thats corten steel above the brick, not wood.

  • ACG85

    Wow. Great job. Reminds me a little of this guy: http://www.mcinturffarchitects.com/

  • It was built as a store in 1911. I like what you did to it, pop-up owner.

  • MK

    Why can’t all pop-ups be this tasteful. Love it.


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