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Good Deal or Not? “Superb Lifestyle” edition

by Prince Of Petworth April 19, 2010 at 1:00 pm 19 Comments

This home is located at 1641 19th Street, NW:

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The flier says:

“Stunning Jewelbox steps from Dupont Circle Metro, cafes, shops, vibrant city living. This five room, three level house features large private garden with glorious magnolia tree, 1 parking space behind garden, English basement kitchen, with second bath and storage room; formal living room and formal dining room on second level, Master Bedroom, private office, Master Bath on 3rd. Superb Lifestyle”

You can find more info here and a virtual tour here.

Well this is nearly house porn but because it falls under the $1 mil. arbitrary threshold I’ve set, I’m posting today! Because it is freaking awesome.

What do you guys think – will this home support a superb lifestyle? This 2 bed/2bath is yours for $950,000.

  • justbreathe226

    Sooooo nice! I just wish there was enough sun for some actual grass and an updated kitchen. I think its probably worth the 900k+.

  • Florista

    I’m not sure the price (it seems reasonable for the location), but it sure is adorable. I’d love to live in it!

  • Matt

    I agree that it’s a very nice house. Only complaint would be that master bedroom looks to be pretty small considering it’s only 2 BR/2 BA.

  • TruxRes

    I think it’ll go for this price. The street this is on is adorable, and the location is to die for. The house is a total charmer albeit small. I can’t imagine there’s a lot of 3 level inventory < $1 mil in Dupont, so I think it'll go quick.

  • Anonymous

    Cool? Yes. Good deal? Not even close.

    • Just curious- How it this not a good deal in your opinion?

      • *is*

      • Anonymous

        I would be concerned about the potential for housing to continue or resume falling in the coming months/years. I guess if you put down a significant down payment so you wouldn’t be caught upside-down on the loan, it could make sense. I would just be prepared for the value to potentially fall.

        • TruxRes

          Prices for single family homes in DC are on the rise. Of course, if you’re that leery of a price drop, stay out of real estate entirely. Owning’s not for everyone.

          • the NAR luvs you

            Agreed. Ownership is for those who are prepared to put 20% down and have thought about how they will make mortgage payments if one income is temporarily lost, among other things. Oh, what the hell am I talking about, housing only goes up! Buy now or be priced out forever!

  • Tahllulah

    Tahllulah Bankhead lived there…enough said.

  • Adorable place, great location, but very tight — BARELY a two bedroom, small bathrooms, etc., plus needs some work, especially the bathrooms and kitchen. With top-notch bathrooms and kitchen, maybe worth it b/c of the location and charm, but as it, I think a WEE bit pricey. Might sell for that though as folks love Dupont … personally, I’d rather have double the space (at least) and a nicer place on Park Road for the same price (more or less), as highlighted last week …

  • bosscrab

    Great house. It’s priced about right. Can’t beat that location with a stick.

  • KStreetQB

    One of the absolute best blocks in DC IMO. Less than 7 figures is a deal to own a house there. Love that street.

  • Lurvely

    What a location! A great pied a terre for somebody…with parking for your Jag. I am picturing a well-to-do, swinging eccentric bachelor with two terriers.

  • Gemini

    First off, Tallulah Bankhead didn’t live in this house; she lived in mine, half a block south of this one.

    Second, I’ve been in this house. It is SMALL. It’s not really two bedrooms; it’s a 1BR with a dressing area they are calling a bedroom.

    It is definitely cute, but it’s an extremely small living space. I can -maybe- see a retired couple who wants to downsize significantly, where money is no object, buying this house. But it is a glorified 1BR for a million dollars.

  • Obi Wan Kenobi – owner in the Hood

    Do not listen to Gemini. (Wave of hand.) This property is worth the asking price.

  • Gemini

    I’m *sure* Obi Wan isn’t trying to up his property values or anything

    It’s a nice, very small house. It is not a 2BR. I’ve lived in Dupont for seven years, and it’s a fabulous neighborhood, but $1M for a 1BR is laughable, in Dupont or anywhere else. Full 3-4BR rowhouses on 19th St have gone for $1.1M in so-so condition and $1.5M in great condition. How can you claim a 1BR is worth anywhere close to that?

  • CapHill

    Amazing location and the house is great too.


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