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  • ah

    “Not enough snow”

    “We can haz more snow?”

    captcha: appear pederast

  • Mal


  • shy

    Hey PoP, are you going to be on the Kojo Namdi show on WAMU tomorrow to discuss blogging in the district?


    • Prince Of Petworth

      They were thinking of inviting me but I guess not.

  • KAC

    We iz stalkin youz for noms

  • Danielle

    “We ARE the snow. Remain still and we will remain unperceived by the bylegged creatures. Our time has come, we will multiply and CONQUER!”

  • awesome! almost makes me like cats. almost.

  • Neal – Som Records

    That’s a great pic but its gotta be a photoshop job. There is NO way you could get three cats to sit that still on a snow bank! I can barely get one cat to sit still for a picture and forget about doing it in snow.

    • ah

      What if you wet their bellies/asses down, and then froze them there?

      • reyals


  • victoria

    There are people who feed alley cats at regular times,(unfortunately, behind my house for example) and these might be waiting for the lunch delivery.

  • I feel bad for these cats. All cats should be indoor cats. It’s going to be 25 out tonight, before wind chill.

  • Candace

    totally photoshopped.

  • weighing in


  • 4nature

    No, my cats were out yesterday in the snow – you dig a trail, and they’ll walk on it. Just as long as the snow doesn’t “sink” beneath them, they’re fine – for a bit.

    and yes, 29 deg is too cold for them, but yesterday, out of the wind, it was fine.

  • ro

    cats have been waiting on this moment for years when they rise up a retake the nation’s capital. they said i was crazy, but who’s crazy now! lock your doors.

  • Laura

    I took this photo and I can promise you it’s not photoshopped. These cats are out in all types of weather. All I had to do was meow a few times to get them all looking at me. They’re used to people being around… and yes, they are always that cute!

  • CC

    TOTALLY photoshopped. No damn way DC would ever get that much snow!

    • PetworthRes

      ha ha

    • AW

      Apparently you don’t live here/haven’t been watching the news.

  • No caption could possibly improve on that photo.

  • DC_Chica

    I just watched (from my window) a guy carrying a shovel following Awesome the cat down Kilbourne Pl – I hope Awesome ends up in a warm place to spend the night!

    • DC_Chica

      Incidentally, I feel like mounds of snow must be like clouds – you can see anything in the random shapes and forms. Personally, I see alot more than 3 cats in that pic :)

    • dynaryder

      Would that be Johnny’s old cat? Black w/some white? Thought it took him with him to California.

      • KhunDavid

        No, Johnny didn’t take Awesome with him. Allie, one of my old roommates, took Awesome in after Johnny left for SF.

  • Jack McDermott

    I wish those lil’ pretty kitties were in my backyard!!!

    • Cat crap

      Not if they were sh*tting all over your vegetable garden you wouldn’t!

  • CHgal

    haha! omg so cute! they’re faces say it all!

  • CHgal

    wow i meant their…

  • Cat on right side; “This is the worst superbowl party ever.”
    Cat in the middle: Oh be nice.”
    Cat on the left side: “he’s just saying that because I’m here.”


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