Will These Be Necessary in the Spring? How Will You Pass Your 4th Snow Day?

by Prince Of Petworth February 10, 2010 at 9:10 pm 12 Comments

Picture 180

“Dear PoP,

This picture was taken after the lighter snow fall from 2 weeks ago…this is on either 7th or 8th street NE of Grant Circle. I just wanted to ask what’s up with that?”

I’ve seen this boat once before, can’t remember if I wrote about it, but def. think it is awesome. Incidentally on twitter someone asked what’s going to happen when all the snow melts? Anyone know if we are in store for some serious flooding?

Besides the snow, how did your block/neighborhood survive the wind? Many trees down?

I’m posting this a bit early so I can hit the neighborhood bars but it is expected that the Federal Government remains closed as do above ground metrorail stations.

If you have burned out on snowball fights, what are you going to do to pass the day? I have to say I finally saw the movie Zombieland and thought it was fantastic. I dare say a perfect snow day film.

  • Capt Jim

    That’s 5th St and Allison, isn’t it? Zeus is her name, a fine vessel indeed? The owner recently passed??? I understand one of our city’s finest?

  • AngryParakeet

    Yes, you pictured it before. Covered slips on the Anacostia River broke under weight of snow and ice and crushed/sank boats. One was mine.

  • hogan

    its the jade zeus. my husband and i laugh every time we see it.

  • snodaze

    How to spend the 4th snow day? Shoveling, drinking grappa, walking dog, napping.

  • PFL

    You know, I took vacation with plans of taking a ski trip starting today (planned before the snowphoon), but after digging out cars, shoveling sidewalks and the roof, I may have to reconsider and just have an all-day happy hour instead…

  • Mal

    @PFL – where were you going to go skiing? I’ve been researching mountains in he area, but they seem kind of lame with really short verticals, so I always end up going to the poconos.

    • PFL

      You’re right about the short verticals, but if you can go during the week there’s practically no line for the lifts and less pricey if you’re on a budget like me. I figure it’s better than no skiing at all :-). I was gonna’ spend today at Whitetail and tomorrow at Liberty.

  • Mal

    Oh yeah and I’m out of wine, bread, milk, diet coke to mix with the Jack, nicorette… Good thing we live in the city! All my suburb friends who chided me for living in the city have to drive to get replenishment or go to the bar. HAH!

  • Park Viewer

    better let your boat winter above ground then gather algae, seaweed, and other damage from leaving it in he water all winter. Never figured out the value of having a boat if you couldn’t keep it in the water, but go figure.

    4th snow day? Working from home. Damn flexible work policy…

  • Melissa Gilbert

    I always assumed the boat belonged to a police officer. We mere residents would never be allowed to park our boats on the street for years on end.

  • Fellow Petworthian

    It is on 5th just south of Allison. Yes the boat did belong to a police officer, and yes unfortunately he just passed from lung cancer. Yes, he took up parking spaces with his boat and other toys, but he was a great neighbor to have around and he will be missed. The boat’s name is the Jade Zeus, which is named after his dog Zeus.

  • labgirlbeth

    Thaddeus (“T-Bone”) loved his toys, including his Harleys, his Escalade, and his boat, and I never could begrudge him all that space on the street.

    He lived a few doors down from us, and was a great neighbor and an all around decent human being. He was always ready to talk about gardening (he had a beautiful landscaped front yard,) to share a laugh, or to ask after you if you’d been away. He kept an eye on the neighborhood kids, ticketed speeders at our intersection, and looked out for us regularly. I’ll never forget his help after a huge old oak tree came down in our yard in 2006. He came over in the night to check on us, and later took photos of the damage for our insurance company. He really was part of what has made our neighborhood “home” for me over the past six years, and I will miss him terribly. Rest In Peace, T-Bone.


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