• schweeney

    trying again Temple + face = Bill Cosby

  • Anonymous

    Morgan Freeman

  • andy

    The TL on his hat stands for Thug Life.

  • Drew

    It does look quite a bit like Bill Cosby, but the mouth and jaw are off.

  • James

    PETEY WHEATSTRAW..the devil’s son in law!!!

  • The result of a fatherless home.

  • Oh christ, james, now I’ve gotta dig up my old VHS of that… one of the top films of all time.

    As for the face, I was more concerned about the amount of acid coursing through his bloodstream to render those pupils so large. Must be a true party going on inside his head. No disrespect intended, I digs the art, it’s just a pupil thing.

  • nonesuch

    I am pretty sure that’s Grandmaster Flash

  • He-Man’s Gay

    That’s the guy who lives behind me. I think his name is Eli. He’s retired. Drives a sweet benzo.


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