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This is Why We Need Disclaimers…

by Prince Of Petworth February 26, 2010 at 11:30 am 21 Comments

Photo from PoPville flickr user Jonathan Thorpe

Thanks to a reader for sending this article from WTOP:

“D.C. fire officials say a teenager on a skateboard who grabbed a hook-and-ladder truck that was leaving a fire scene was run over by the apparatus…a 14-year-old male on a skateboard grabbed the truck to be pulled.

The youth fell and the truck ran over his foot. He was taken to a local hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.”

  • Rat King of Adams Morgan

    I’m not sure what you would have the disclaimer say. “Hey stupid, don’t grab on to moving vehicles while riding your skateboard?” I’d hope this just falls under common sense but what do I know.

  • Anonymous

    Thankfully he didn’t end up as a candidate for a Darwin Award. G-d teenage boys are dumb as rocks (and I should know because I was one).

    • Bryan

      Right there with you Anonymous, except that is slightly offensive to rocks (I was also one.)

      • Anonymous

        Good point, Bryan. I apologize to any rocks I may have offended with my hasty words.

        The Same Anonymous Person As Above

      • E-Rich

        You were a rock? (Sorry, but I’m on dangling modifier patrol.)

        • DCster

          I’m okay with the dangling modifier – at least it wasn’t “I was one two”
          or maybe they were “rock starz” once.

    • Anonymous

      It’s too bad he didn’t end up as a candidate for a Darwin Award so he could have been an example as how not to be complete dumbass.

      • Anonymous

        Given the sheer stupidity of your comment, I’m pretty sure that in your case, calling someone a dumbass is the pot calling the kettle black.

  • What’s the over/under on when the lawsuit will be filed – blaming the DCFD personnel for not noticing the kid had grabbed the ladder?

  • ro

    the city should sue the kid

  • Anon

    Maybe the kid should sue Back to the Future, like how Sarah Silverman sued Home Alone. And not the makers of the movie, but a vhs copy of it.

  • Divine

    And I just re-watched Back to the Future last night! So ironic…

    • KR

      “Don’t need money, don’t need fame, don’t take no credit card to ride this [truck]”….

    • anonymous

      uh, there’s absolutely nothing ironic about that situation at all. /pendant.

      • Divine

        Alright, fair enough. Is interesting coinkydink sound better?

        • Divine


  • Old Kid

    Lucky it wasn’t worse. We used to have great fun getting high as teenagers and grabbing the back of snow plows and getting dragged through the snow lined streets of to be left unnamed New England city. No one ever got hurt (except perhaps all our brains from the dope). It was when we started doing stupid stuff like trying to run into the train tunnel to run down to the first stop inside, or riding on the coupling on the back of trains that kids started getting hurt, big time, like death.

    What’s with all the girls recently getting run over by locomotives on the tracks. Like 3 events in the last 2 weeks. Was there some sort of new teenie movie or something glorifying such behavior?

    • mphs

      My junior high friend did that, we called it bumper riding. But he did it to a police car.

      Pot was cheaper back then…

  • No disclaimer needed. The child in question and his extended family should be diced and fed to something.

  • Drew

    It’s called Contributory Negligence. Nice try kid, but you’re SOL.

  • J

    god damn y’all, cut the kid some fucking slack. skitchin’ is fun as hell, it just works better with a consenting driver.


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