Washington, DC

Photo by PoPville flickr user JustBurk

Thanks to all the readers who sent this from Craigslist:

So, the title of the post alone should indicate that I am a HUGE fan of 2 things — (1) Having a FUN time in whatever I am doing and (2) the SNOW!

Well, this weekend those two things come together and I am consequently trying to organize a giant friendly snowball fight in Meridian Hill Park.

For those who participated in the giant snow ball fight on U Street earlier this Winter, you know well how much fun was had — and I envision the same thing, minus people throwing snowballs at car and the subsequent scare that occurred when the cop pulled out his gun!

No, this will be different, 2 teams — across the field from each other just pelting away with snowballs. The layout of the park will make this perfect. There are wooded areas, hills, and completely enough room for everyone to have a blast.

Feel free to bring your pets as well as I know last time we did this there were a bunch of doggies there as well!

Saturday at 2:00 PM EST!! Don’t miss it!!!

The fun will start at 2:00 PM EST!!!


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