Should We Be Worried About Our Roofs?

by Prince Of Petworth February 8, 2010 at 9:06 pm 44 Comments


A reader asked about this in one of yesterday’s comments but I thought it was worth a separate post. At one point should we start to freak out about our roofs? If we get another 20″ are we in trouble? If the roof is slightly pitched will it be ok? Anyone know roughly how many inches of snow our roofs can support? I feel like I hear 18″ somewhere. It is not possible for many of us to shovel our roofs, if that is the case do we just drink and hope for the best?

I guess lots of folks are thinking about this because I just received the following email:

“I live in one of those two-story mini-houses discussed here with some frequency. It’s 13-feet wide, 30-some feet deep and two stories tall without a basement.

My question is this: Should I shovel my roof? My adjoining neighbor just did so to explore a leak that developed on Sunday and he must have pushed tons of snow off the edge. I wonder if all that weight could breach the roof or cause it to fail? Now there’s more snow coming — more than this house has seen in years — and although my roof has never given me any trouble, it is more than a decade old. If anybody is wondering, my roof has a slight pitch back from the street, probably less than 10%.”


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