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Serious H Street, NE Scuttlebutt

by Prince Of Petworth February 21, 2010 at 10:52 pm 16 Comments


As always, on a scuttlebutt post it is not confirmed but I believe this news has a high likelihood to be accurate. In other words I didn’t just hear this from a random lady at the grocery store… One more caveat is that I’m not exactly sure that this is the correct building. It could be another one from the 1200 block of H Street, NE. So here’s exactly what I heard – the owner of the bar Wisdom (which incidentally we just checked out a couple of weeks ago) has purchased a property next to Granville Moore’s located at 1238 H Street, NE. I hear that he is going to lease out the lower level to Granville Moore’s and the top level will host a bar, presumably similar to the style of Wisdom.

Again I’m not sure if this means The Martini Lounge will no longer exist or if it is a different building. I promise to update with more info as it becomes available. But this is the fun of running a blog – I can share with you interesting rumors as I hear them. I do believe this rumor will turn out to be true but like all scuttlebutt you have to take it with a grain of salt.

  • Elise at Frozen Tropics is leaning the other way, thinking this is false (at least the part about Cliff selling the Lounge): http://frozentropics.blogspot.com/2010/01/h-street-martini-lounge-rumor.html

    But, who knows? (Sadly) There’s so much gossip surrounding the Humphrey’s that it’s hard to know what’s what.

  • first name, last name

    I would lean towards PoPs sources over Inked. I hope this is true, because the Martini Lounge is meh.

    The spot is for sale for $550,000 for you savvy inverstors out there. GDON?

    • Anonymous

      Why would you do that? The author of Frozen Tropics, unlike PoP, has lived in the neighborhood for years.

      • first name, last name

        because I don’t think she’s that bright.

        • for gods sake now it is ok to comment on someones intelligence just like that…why?

          • inked

            Apparently First Name Last Name is just that clever. And not only is he WAY smarter than me, he’s also WAY smarter than Joe Englert. Joe Englert being one of Granville’s and a pretty major figure on H Street would likely know about a deal like this. He said it wasn’t true. To me that either means it isn’t true, or nobody wants to talk about it yet. But clearly First Name Last Name sees the truth. Englert has the same problem I do. We’re both complete morons! Duh!

            But why screw bothering with investigation, because hell, we can just ask First Name Last Name. In fact, Dan, I think you should resign and let First Name Last Name start writing Prince of Petworth.

          • That should read “one of Granville’s owners.” Sorry, we stupid people have a problem with sometimes leaving out words.

          • first name, last name

            Sorry Inked,

            That was out of line and rude. I don’t even know you so just ignore my comment. someimes i get in a pissy mood at work and type stupid stuff during my down time.

  • smax

    Wisdom is Meh. PoP: thank you, but I can’t help but feel like this is meh scuttlebutt.

    On the other hand, I heard that someone behind a couple of clubs in philly is looking at opening a dance hall/music venue on 14th street.

  • Ragged Dog

    DC’s recipe for success:

    1) Make something that was awful nice
    2) build up interest to attract crowds
    3) make it profitable
    4) inject misdirected youth
    5) ruin it

    I was never allowed out this late at night in the city at this age. I don’t know what parents in this city are thinking.

    • smax

      you were not allowed out this late at age 21? Parents were still making decisions for you at 21? Sounds like a personal problem to me…

  • mphs

    Oh my gosh, this scuttlebutt is the definition of “serious”.

  • JohnGalt

    I went to a bachelor party at Martini a couple years ago. They actually had strippers upstairs. I came away thinking that this place won’t be open long. Fast forward, they were shut down temporarily for some associated violence. Hate to say I told you so.

    Bending the laws is one thing. But bending laws to appeal to a crowd that are not good customers is another.
    I bet all those clubs serve one drink too many. They may all forget to check an ID a little closer from time to time. But when you cater to a crowd that is prone to violence, one failing highlights other failings.

  • Anonymous

    1236 H Street NE is still for sale, asking price $550k. A few weeks ago 1238 H Street NE was also for sale, not sure the status at present.

  • Jeremy

    This severely saddens me.

    I loved the H. Street Martini Lounge – besides Rose’s Dream, it’s only of the only venue to cater to people of color, who have been living there for decades, on the H. Street corridor.

    Thankfully, Rose’s Dream is still open – and Twelve Lounge as well. Cliff, the owner of H Street Martini Lounge, got his start at Rose’s.

    That 550K asking price is looking awfully attractive though. I assume it’s packaged at fully operational?

  • Anonymous

    This rumor is true. Although Granville’s will likely take the 2nd floor and the new building owner will open a bar on the the first. Still not a done deal yet though.


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