• anon

    If the Sign is any indication… this place will be a major fail. It’s saving grace could be that there are not a lot of bars in Tenleytown. If they do ok I would advise them to spend a little money getting a classy carved wood sign. That would be a lot more inviting.

    • E-Rich

      Off-topic, but…

      I love it when the topic of “Murphy’s Law” comes up because I get to talk about the single baddest badass I’ve ever known–Dr. John Paul Stapp. Stapp was an Air Force doctor who used himself as a test subject in the 1940s and 50s to develop better safety equipment so pilots could more safely withstand higher G-forces. In one test, Stapp strapped himself to a rocket-powered sled and subjected himself to more than 45g-forces of pressure by running the sled up to a speed of 642 mph and stopping in a fraction of a second.

      Stapp also coined the phrase Murphy’s Law. From his Wikipedia entry: “Witty and charismatic and thus popular with the press and his staff, Stapp’s team in particular, and its workplace subculture is also the clear originating source for the ubiquitous principle known as Murphy’s law. Stapp was its popularizer and probably framed its final form, first using the soon to be widespread term in his first press conference about Project MX981 in the phrase, “We do all of our work in consideration of Murphy’s Law” in a nonchalant answer to a reporter. It was his team that, within an adaged-filled subculture, and while using a new device developed by reliability engineering expert Major Edward Murphy[1], coined the euphemistic phrase and began to use it in the months prior to that press conference. When the unfamiliar “Law” was clarified by a subsequent follow-up question, it soon burst into the press in various diverse publications, and got picked up by commentators and talk programs.”

      • Mervyn Baader

        Also off-topic, but…

        Dr. Stapp was the grandfather of Creed lead singer Scott Stapp. Another badass and a badass band, too!

        • Brian

          wait….you’re kidding right? creed? you’re joking right? right? RIGHT?!?!?!?!

          do you love jesus? jesus fucking christ. wow.

  • Anonymous

    “If the Sign is any indication… this place will be a major fail.”


  • Sg

    Actually two anons, the reviews for this place have been quite positive so far. Typical negative nancy PoP commenters…

    • nancy?

      meh. the +1 was me. i just thought it was funny. and the sign does suck.

      ANY place that serves beer is good by me. so reserve you own judgment there SG. sometimes we just like to joke.

  • Petworthian

    Their website is f-d up and doesn’t display the menus. Too much window glass, I like my Irish bars dark and Hobbity.

  • victoria

    It isn’t negative to help a new business out by pointing out that such a cheap, ugly strip-mall looking sign is an enormous deterrent to their business. It might be a great place – but the street front appearance is already sterile and unappealing, why make it worse?

  • Guinness

    I would never have guessed it was a bar, with all that glass. Clothing store, maybe. Bar, no way.

  • JedinBethesda

    I’ve been. The food was good, the service was fast, and the bartender and server were both very friendly. Give them a fair shake before knocking them.

  • observation

    i love it

  • Chris in Eckington

    Went there back in January. The decor needs some work; the interior hasn’t changed much since it was a Persian fast-food joint. It will probably do well since there just aren’t a lot of options for a beer in Tenleytown.

  • I’ll agree with the critiques on the frontage, but overall my message is one of Peace and Good Cheer to the investors/owners/operators. Bravo and hope it goes well.

    As for my own selfish interests: Taps? I need a report on taps before I trek out to the Donner Pass/Siberia/Vancouver/Tenleytown. Couldn’t find a list on the website. I know it’s an Irish-themed place but holding out hope for some English love that isn’t Smithwick’s/Boddingtons/Newcastle.

    • annon

      Guinness, Sam Adams, Sam’s Seasonal, Stella, probally some cheap shit I wouldn’t drink, over all good selection.

      they’re super nice in there and will put almost anything on the tv (with or without sound) if you just ask.

      so glad Tenly has a bar besides the Dancing Crab, you know, for those of us who don’t want to blow coke in the bathroom.

  • ex rowhouse condo dweller

    I’m looking forward to giving it a try, but I miss Hungry Tiger. That was a tasty kebab.

  • MortonSaltGirl

    For those of us who work in Tenleytown, this bar is a welcome alternative to Guapos as a happy hour option. Yes, the tile and glass is a little odd for an Irish bar, but I have enjoyed the beer and food I’ve gotten there.

  • Zuckerman

    Think of this place as a work in progess. Once they get “grime it up” a bit–they’ll do just fine.


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