• AngryParakeet

    Yup, happened to me starting at 4:30a.m. The fear: that the plasterboard will become so saturated (and it doesn’t take much} that it has to be cut out, replaced….About a gallon leaked around my windows.

  • ah

    Can you get access to the area above (attic?). If so, go take a look–maybe you can put a bucket there or assess what’s going on.

    Another thing you can do is drill a small hole (1/8″) in the ceiling to let the water drain there. Easy to patch the hole later. Even better is if you can drill a hole in the soffit (the underside of the roof overhang) if you have one–then the water goes outside.

    BTW, turn off the circuit the light is on before rummaging around the attic.

  • Being a first-time homeowner myself, my first inspirations towards solving these issues tend to gravitate towards suicide.

    No, really. That’s not an endorsement or suggestion, it’s just my own strategy. So far I haven’t had to play that particular card. Yet.

  • Anonymous

    cannibalism is the great fear

  • Anonymous

    We have the same problem – it’s the overflowing gutters filled with ice. If you can get hot water into the downspout, it will help. We used a hairdryer out the window to get some of the movement going. Don’t do anything crazy. This is just the hazard of the hood.

  • hg

    A portion of the back wall in my row house, the bay window area standing on two pillars, is saturated with water due to gutter issue. I am glad it happens since it will push me to do something about it. It has always been the weakest part of the house, not enough insulation, the wood floor is lower than the rest of the room, etc. I guess I will have to take that wall down and change it with drywall after properly insulating and see if I can straiging out the wood floor, etc. Also, I realize I would need to change the outside wall with new siding. Spring project.

  • Christina

    Some of the walls in my condo are saturated with water, though the leaking itself seems to have stopped. Does anyone know where a person could rent one of those big dehumidifiers so that I can try to dry my walls? I don’t want to get mold growth while I’m waiting for repairs to be made.

  • Anonymous

    I hired a crew off of craigslist to remove the snow from my roof ($200) after the first storm because I was worried not so much about weight, but the results of all that melting snow. They also removed the snow from the gutters. After the second storm, the downspout froze and I poured hot water on the outside of it until I heard water moving inside – did the trick. If you can keep the downspout somewhat thawed, it will help.


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