Judging Restaurants – BreadSoda

by Prince Of Petworth February 17, 2010 at 12:00 pm 15 Comments


BreadSoda is located at 2233 Wisconsin Avenue, NW. It’s easy to walk by this spot without noticing it as it is located downstairs:


But I happened to notice the sign that said Deli and Billiards and was instantly intrigued. So anyone check out this spot before? How’s the deli? What’s the atmosphere like?

  • J

    I lived in the neighborhood when it first opened up. As a result, it was incredibly crowded. Nice place, pool tables all around and a projector run by some Steve McQueen fanatics.. Dominated by the popped collar crowd, but it is in Glover Park (and not near a Metro), so I suppose that’s to be expected.

    Assuming it was a bit less crowded than it was initially, it would be a nice spot. Didn’t try the food, though.

  • JodiHeights

    i was there for a skateboard art show thing, and they were showing skate videos on the projector, so i enjoyed it.

    for me, it’s a spot for a “special occasion,” due to location.

  • Chris in Eckington

    Great draft beer selection, charcuterie and cheeses (for real!). They don’t have a proper kitchen, but they make kick-ass sandwhiches. Throw in some pool tables and cools Steven McQueen pictures on the wall (from Bullet), and you have a nice spot. It’s never been that crowded wehn I’ve been in, nor have I noticed the “popped colar” crowd. I think they stick over at Town Hall and Gin and Tonic across the street.

  • Not bad for a place that specializes in bread and soda.

  • Johnathan Wurr

    Isn’t this place owned by the folks behind Bourbon? That’s probably why they have amazing cocktails.

  • Derek

    Best jukebox (I’m not sure I’ve ever seen another non-internet jukebox with the first neutral milk hotel record) and veggie burger in town.

  • Fun spot! Good sandwiches and beer. They also have the shuffleboard hockey game I used to play as a kid!

  • I live just down the road and love BS. They have great sandwiches from Boar’s head meat and shuffle board. Oh, and a good beer selection and dark and stormy’s with actual Goslings Rum. Great spot assuming you get there a little before the crowds

  • Braulio

    Really excellent sandwiches, and the charcuterie/cheese plate is also very good. Pool, shuffleboard … and Wii! Highly recommended. Can get noisy/crowded, though.

  • ak47

    Good spot – I’ve only been for Taco Tuesdays (3 tacos, meat or vegan, for $6) and really liked the space & atmosphere… low key & fun.

  • It is owned by Bill Thomas — same guy who owns Bourbon Glover Park and AM. That’s why it’s so good.

  • This place is quaint and overwhelming with charm. The food is amazing and the exposed brick really adds to the warm, folksy atmosphere. They offer billiards, ping pong, darts and Nintendo Wii for the patrons. They have a great selection of food for herbivores and meat-eaters alike. The veggie burger is actually made on site and is THE BEST in DC- Hands Down!
    That’s not even the true sell. I happened to passing through while making my New Years Eve rounds and wound up staying the whole night. Why? The dj that was spinning played one of the greatest sets of all-time. ALL-TIME! He spliced genres and manipulated the records (yes, he played actual vinyl!) like few I had ever experienced. I had never heard of him, but understand he is fast-rising on the scene (I think he alternates Fridays, but would be a much better fit than the current Saturday resident dj). I think his name is Eye Am or something like that. In any event, that night the dj saved my life. And got some of the girlies fawning over him to come hang with me instead. One of the greatest nights I ever had in DC.

  • Anon

    Live nearby and I’ve never noticed the popped collar crowd.
    Food is great and beers are amazing. The staff is very nice and love the patio during warm days. Two thumbs up…

  • Matt

    Good, simple food, good pool tables and good beer and drinks. The veggie burger really may be the best I’ve ever had, and I’ve had a lot. My friends that have eaten there have had good things to say about their other sandwiches as well. I think it’s a great place and now it’s the only place I got in Glover Park. Recommended!

  • ontarioroader

    Good beer selection & sandwiches, great staff – not sure if it’s run by the same people who run Bourbon, but some of the folks who run the place used to work at Bourbon in Adams Morgan when it was Blue Room. It’s one of the few places in that part of town I can tolerate [or will tolerate me :)]


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