• ah

    1 “r” in Forest Hills, btw

  • Prince Of Petworth

    Thanks, fixed it!

  • Zee

    Mr. Squeegee Man will be busy with that walkway.

  • Charlie

    Kinda reminds me of Falling Water in PA.

  • Reminds me of a rowing (crew) practice building where you row in water tanks.

  • PFL

    Funny, the GPS took us by this when we drove to Frendship Heights from Petworth this weekend. That’s an awesome neighborhood for fans of architecture. I love the house and the others in the neighborhood. Do they ever have neighborhood open houses so the rest of us can drool?

  • sb

    It reminds me of the panda exhibit at the National Zoo.

    • ah

      Ha! And, like the zoo, no animals!

  • Popupowner

    Looks very Frank inspired… has a lot of potential. BTW, if you do the bethesda neighborhoods there are a lot of flwright inspired houses that are pretty amazing.

  • MK

    They’ve been building this thing forever. It has to be going over a year now.

  • La Niña

    they are moving the NYC fashion week here for spring/summer 2011 collection and using the bridge as the catwalk – watch them fall off their high heels!

  • Geezer

    The exterior treatment of this house looks like vinyl lap siding, but I suppose that couldn’t be.

    These new mega houses appear to build on, and over a tributary of Rock Creek on a fragile-looking slope. There used to be signage near them that read “Sacred Trees”, which quite ironic considering that (parkland?) trees were ripped out of the ground build these resource-hungry monstrosities.

  • CM

    Is that going to be a moving walkway to carry you and your groceries to the front door?


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