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  • I watched them building all day. They built it right out my front window — sadly, they did not finish. It has collapsed somewhat today, but the bulk of it is still there.

    In fact, my wife and I saw you (PoP) walk by and take pictures of the igloo and then walk over to talk to them. :) (I suppose that sounds somewhat creepy? I was sitting in the window and happened to see you walk by — AND TAKE A PICTURE OF MY HOUSE! Who’s the creepy one now?! )

  • Jake

    As the igloo builder with the brown hat. I am saddened to say we did not finish. We came damn close. If we get another storm bring your brick building skills, bread pans, and come help put a roof on Logan Circle igloo.

  • sb

    There was a cool igloo on the Mall yesterday–around 9th St., if I recall correctly.

  • Eh

    Uhm, there is no such thing as a cool igloo.

  • Victoria

    All igloos are cool! Half igloos are even cooler for they are built from frivolous sheer joy and not shelter against the dire elements. Half-anything built from joy is better than a grim hut of necessity.

    Still, it doesn’t take all that much to build an igloo out of good snow.

    Antarctica training camp has you pile up all your duffels then shovel & pack snow on top of them. Pull out the bags and you have an igloo. But not in Logan Circle.

    Built with what you have, play along the way, ennoy!

  • Dan

    There is an awesome (completed) igloo in Lincoln Park, 11th and E. Capitol. My guess is it is 8 feet tall.


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