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  • I saw a similar vehicle today driving south – and getting stuck! – on 7th between Gallatin and Farragut.

  • PT Varnum

    I dunno, I was feeling bad about the gas guzzling 4×4 pickup I got until this morning when I got to work without having to dig out.

  • Rukasu

    A state of emergency was declared, it’s not that uncommon to see the Ntl. Guard. They usually assist first responders. I’m actually kind of glad to see them, in place of all the ambulances and firetrucks getting stuck over the weekend.

  • John

    I saw humvees marked “Military Police” on U Street on Saturday.

  • morgan

    I live at Taylor and 4th street. I guess there have been a lot of cars stolen around here. evidently people went to the trouble of digging their car out only to have it stolen. what a bummer. a very low blow. I’ve gone to a lot of trouble to secure mine since digging it out.

  • Alison

    They usually give rides to those who have to get to work, like police, fire/EMS, etc, who wouldn’t be able to get to work otherwise.

  • Petworthian

    The snow plow that was supposed to have cleared Taylor Street on Saturday late afternoon got stuck at the corner of Taylor and Rock Creek Church Rd for about 45 minutes. You don’t see that every day, so I took some pics. Unfortunately, DDot apparently decided not to really try again.

  • ULie Mr.P

    Jack Boots in the hood, very good AF


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