How Have Your Roofs Held Up?

by Prince Of Petworth February 11, 2010 at 12:00 pm 18 Comments


We had a lengthy discussion about whether or not to clear snow from our roofs the other day. I debated it myself many times but decided to hope for the best. So far so good, knock wood, knock wood. So I’m wondering what you guys have decided – anyone shovel their roofs? Will you do so today? Or will you let the sun do its work?

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  • mNomeNa

    Snow keeps falling from my roof outside (not sure if it’s the sun or the neighbors upstairs).

    Has anyone ventured out yet today? Do you know if the CoHi Giant is open?

    • Columbia Heights Climber

      It was open this morning- I got doughnuts :)

  • pluscachange

    I knocked off the icicles reachable from our second story with a broom, as I saw a few dislodged gutters at neighbor’s houses due to the weight of the ice. Also, wouldn’t want those suckers falling on anyone. They ice seems to have burst one of the downspouts, but that’s the extent of the damage. So far, the roof seems ok.

  • anony

    I think the wind blew a bunch off yesterday which should help. I have a pretty standard rowhouse with an aging resurfaced roof. I looked in the crawlspace to check things out and I saw no signs of failure. honestly, the way it’s built I think I could park a tank up there.

  • Until yesterday I just kept saying, “hey, this house has been here almost a hundred years and it hasn’t collapsed from snow yet.”

    Then I read that the record set in 1899 was just broken.

    Anyhoo, I haven’t heard any creaking or anything so I’m not too worried. I did think briefly about putting some braces in the attic but at this point (and since we should have some melting for the next few days) I’m going to ride it out.

  • bogfrog

    Hello, I am concerned that Paul Schwartzman’s Feb 10 article in the Post about roof safety used the same quotations as we saw on Pop (including from Kalashian).

    Did you get the quotes from a news conference? If not, then I am concerned about plagiarism.

  • MichelleRD

    The front porch roof was our biggest concern so my husband cleared that off the night before the second wave hit.

  • Anon

    I cleared my roof which is really flat. Lot of work but easy to keep safe if you pay attention. Not sure if it was worth it but I certainly feel better about doing it.

  • Vaughn

    My landlord is finally here to clear the snow off the roof, because the ceiling started leaking last night…

  • PFL

    I cleared the 20 inches from the roof and porch over the weekend. We just bought the place so I guess I’m over protective, but like the other post said, I’ve slept better ever since.

    Also had some window leaking due to frozen gutters so I removed a section to let it drain away from the house, and poured a bunch of hot water on the downspout to melt what I could from the upstairs window.

    I was debating going back on the roof to pour hot water on the gutter itself, but smarter people convinced me that scalding myself with hot water while trying to climb a ladder and maneuver it through the trap door in the roof would be funny to them immediately, but the humor may set in for me while recovering in the burn unit (well it seemed like a good idea at the time).

  • Ravi

    Ditto. We had frozen gutters and lots of icicles on the back of our rowhouse. The water dripping off of the roof was getting chaneled by the ice, to the wall right above the back windows, and seeping in. We caught a few gallons with pans and towels, then opened up the window and knocked down all the icicles I could reach with a garden hoe. (I did not go on the roof. That’s crazy.) The flow trickled to a stop over the next 30 minutes. Probably worth doing even if you don’t see any problems. It would have been a disaster if we hadn’t noticed the dripping early.

  • AJL

    We has some serious roof leakage due to the snow and essentially useless, frozen-over gutters. We had never had any leaking before so we’re pretty sure it was a gutter issue. I would definitely clean the snow off your roof and remove the ice from your gutters. With this much snow, it just has no where else to go. Gravity wins.

  • ParkRd

    We lost a downspout on the back of the house. It was full of ice and frozen solid. Got too heavy and just fell off. I shoveled the porch roof two days ago, but don’t have easy access to get to the main roof. Fortunately it held just fine. No leaking today, but we’ll see if we have any tomorrow.

  • Mom

    We also shoveled the front porch flat roof, along with several neighbors. This was after one house on the block had the porch roof cave in. Wouldn’t even think of going onto the main roof, too dangerous. We too have the rear windown leakage due to frozen gutters. New upscale gutters to be installed soon.

  • KStreetQB

    Shoveled it twice during the big snowfall. Tuesday’s blizzard winds blew the snow off as it was falling though. Score!

  • hg

    Shoveled my roof and garage roof after the big snowfall, I went back up again after the second snowfall to find the second snowfall did not dump much on my roof so happy about that. I did break off all the icicles as they were channeling water into the backside of my house and damaging wall. I also disconnected a portion of my gutter and connected a drain away from the house to prevent basement flooding. My backyard (between the garage and my house, is filled with snow that it is 5 ft high. I am just glad that the temp stays low so that it melts slowly.

  • PFL

    If you have a drain or two in the back yard like we do (I think it’s a sewer or rain type drain), probably a good idea to dig a channel to it and salt the channel to keep it from re-freezing. I’m hoping when the snow melt starts, it will help direct it to the drain and lessen the chance of flooding the basement. Same idea as fire breaks.

  • ProfChris

    We have a nice crack in our ceiling, above our main stairwell. a seem touching a “spider” like crack. No leakage or moisture noted, however. Must be a flexing issue on the roof–we got a lot of snow off today.
    Will just pray…any suggestions


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