Hope You Got Your Chicken

by Prince Of Petworth February 7, 2010 at 12:30 pm 7 Comments


It’s wild a few readers sent in the exact same photo above. Andrew writes:

“I thought you might be interested in this picture of the shelves in the meat department of the Columbia Heights Giant last night. Things had calmed down by nine, but it looked as if the neighborhood thought aliens were going to invade or something.”

  • King Cake

    There was not too much left at Harris Teeter. My Jambalaya won’t have much
    chicken in it, thank goodness I had sausage! They did have beer & wine.
    Geaux Saints!

  • DCster

    Chicken must be the snowstorm meat of choice – they were out of chicken sausage too!

  • I tried to get chicken today at the VanNess Giant and there was STILL no chicken! Hope deliveries come in tomorrow, DC needs its protein!

  • Victoria

    I’m always curious about the whole pre-strom shopping frenzy. Does everyone in the city really have empty cupboards & freezers most of the time? Do you usually go shopping every day? A few eggs, a bag of rice or box of spaghetti, some tins of something in the pantry will get you through a couple of days. And we all knew this storm was coming for a week, so what’s up with the hour-long lines around the block?

  • DCster

    I wonder if it is the delivery trucks that can’t make it and so it looks like more people have gone shopping than usual? Or maybe these storms just force everyone to go shopping at the same (pre-snowfall) time, whereas usually they go at various times throughout the weekend (e.g. Sunday night)?

  • new hampy

    i went to the giant yesterday it was a reminiscent of russia circa 1983.

  • Ron

    Check out the scene inside Giant at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7XCHaRO9bVo. This is outrageous.


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