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  • Eric in Ledroit

    Yes – the Norway Maples on Oakdale Place, NW behind Howard University Hospital were all knocked down. Looks like they damaged some cars in the process:



    Our small Japanese maple also had a limb knocked off – I guess maple trees’ canopies were perfect for this snow to stick to.

  • CPT_Doom

    We have one small tree split in half on my street, thankfully not near any power lines, and the shrub between my stairs and my neighbors’ is also a victim of the storm. Good thing we have a strong sun and relatively light winds, a lot of the snow-covered trees in the sun seem to be melting well.

  • John

    Large branches down on the 1500 or 1400 block of Swann St. NW, and some big trees down on 16th near Meridian Hill Park. Looks like crews already took care of them, though.

  • cathryn

    friends have told me Georgetown has lost many trees!!

  • I live on the corner of 10th and Constitution NE, which is considered by many who consider such things one of the most dangerous intersections in the city. There are so many traffic accidents here, the Federal transportation people took it upon themselves to commission a safety study. Anyway, my neighbors have long since stopped repairing their fence, which gets plowed down every month or so. The snow has now downed their big beautiful tree. I am beginning to wonder if their property is located over a teeny tiny Indian burial ground, since their luck is so very bad.

  • There’s a tree down on Wallach Pl (I sent you a pic). Also a ratty tree I’ve been wanting to get rid of for years is down in my backyard!

  • Melissa Gilbert

    On my way to work this morning I saw a large elm down on the corner of New Hamp. & R Sts, NW.


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