Good Deal or Not? Across the Street From Free Waffles Edition

by Prince Of Petworth February 18, 2010 at 1:00 pm 17 Comments


This condo is located at 3219 11th Street, NW:

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The flier says:

“Stunning Columbia Heights 2 level condo featuring 3 bright bedrooms, 2 full baths, open floor plan, gourmet kitchen with gas cooking, hardwood floors and a roof deck with views. Hot spot with numerous restaurants, coffee shops, retail (Wonderland Ballroom, Red Rock Pizza, Columbia Heights Coffee, Sticky Fingers Bakery, Room 11, Target, Staples, Giant, Tivoli Square and metro. )Dog park steps away.”

More info and photos found here.

What do you think of the renovation? The pictures look pretty sweet. And the proximity to free waffles has to be worth something, yeah? Does $569,000 sound reasonable?

  • anony

    The renovation looks great, cool rooftop even, being next to Wonderland is cool, but I woudn’t consider buying in this area right now because the prices are sky-high. 2-5 years ago this would be a great area to invest in. Now I feel you have to overpay to get in. Crime is still a problem around here too.
    That said, It will probably sell for close to the asking price

  • Bartlett Stumen

    I’m not so sure I’d want to live that close to Wonderland, with all the drunken kids hanging out on the patio until 3 AM.

  • Anonymous

    One of the few times I will say this– probably good deal. The renovation is well done. I agree the location is iffy… but you are paying $569k for a 3BR place– don’t expect Gtown or Dupont. The price accurately balances the quality of the place vs the unfortunate location. Well priced- Will likely sell for within $10k of the asking price.

  • I don’t think the location is that “unfortunate”. That block and its neighbors are starting to fill with some pretty sweet restaurants and bars. And it’s four blocks from Metro. There’s more crime than Georgetown or Dupont, but you could also say that about Adams Morgan or Logan Circle, which run a lot higher for a place like this.

    Okay, sorry, end rant. I agree with the others – it’s a great deal.

  • RD

    i love 11th st, but this is definitely a post-gentrification price. there is a lot more value east of sherman or north of spring if you are willing to sacrifice just a tad on location.

  • Dirty

    Monthly condo fee $358 seems excessive for 2 units with zero amenities…

    I would say $535k is more realistic, but would be glad if it got asking.

    • Eric in Ledroiit

      how many times does it have to be explained that condo fees are simply set-asides for maintenance? If you want to lower or raise them, you can vote to do so. In a situation like this they simply go into a pooled fund for maintenance of common areas.

      A legitimate concern is the fact that in a small condo like this you and your single neighbor have to reach consensus on maintenance items. I would never in a million years want to deal with that. But the issue isn’t “high condo fees”, it’s the fact that you’re in a tiny condo association and don’t have the ability to choose who your co-owner is (or how reasonable they are).

      • Dirty

        Whoa bro… thanks for spelling it out for me, now I understand what condo fees cover.

        What I was suggesting is $358 a month means the current owner is crazy, the other owner is crazy or they are both crazy. If this is a recent reno, the roof should be good for 20 yrs and the insurance policy on a two unit building is maybe $3k a year. If they have trash or cleaning service that is frivolous. Having to spend $569k to get into a debate with the other owner over reducing the fee to a more reasonable amount is ridiculous. Is having an adequate reserve a selling point? Sure. Is having to deal with adjusting it downward a walking point? Sure.

  • anothermous

    Condos like this have been discussed before, where it is only you one other unit (maybe two). I would just have this huge fear of the other unit not wanting to pay for things that do not impact their unit. I recall in another post some time ago that someone had a hard time getting fees from the other unit.

  • Warderite

    I used to live around the corner on Lamont, and I love this location. The Wonderland rowdiness is generally confined to the other side of the street.

    I do really like the interior, and 1300 square feet is pretty big for a condo in this area. I’m going to say it’s pricey, but not a bad deal.

  • Anonymous

    I think it’s an OK deal if you’re a dedicated city-liver and seek out the hustle and bustle. Nice renovation, good location, decent space, OK price. I wouldn’t be real jazzed about the drunk kids being across the street at 2AM on Saturday, but I’m old and just bitter that I’m no longer able to be one of those drunk kids. And the reality is that there’s crime all over CH, but at least between the bars and the school that are right there, this place probably gets a regular police presence, for whatever that’s worth.

  • Mike S

    I’m still a renter and have no intention of buying soon, so I have no idea what prices are like around town. But, I’ve lived right in that area for a year and a half now and have never really worried about my safety and neither do most of the girls I live with in my group house. If you think you’ll ever be completely insulated from crime and sketchiness in a city, you’re just naive. There’s always a risk of something happening in the area, and the type of people looking to live in CH are probably aware of this. I can pretty confidently say that the area has gotten better since I first moved in and was greeted by a couple of gunshots down the street at Irving while having my first drink at Wonderland, but I haven’t heard anything to make me quiver in over-reacting fear in at least a year.

    • Gorgeous Peter

      Dude, that’s pretty cool that you had your very first drink at Wonderland! I had my first drink in my parents’ basement. Me and a friend of mine jacked a bottle of bourbon from Dad’s liquor cabinet.

  • Am I missing something re: the free waffles? I am not seeing that in the text?

    I think this is a good deal for the area. You will pay a similar price for a nice, newly renovated place with outdoor space with only two bedrooms, the third bedroom makes a big difference. The only downsides, it seems like the layout is a bit strange preventing much natural light from getting into the living and dining areas. Also, no parking, and parking no 11th is going to get a bit busier once it is fully developed. Still, this is a great stretch, lots of great spots already in place and within 1-2 years, there should be two newly-renovated green spaces and several additional new businesses between there and Monroe Street, in addition to the dog park, Room 11, Redrocks, etc. I’ve lived in the area for four years and it is one of the safest parts of CH due to all the eyes on the street from outdoor dining …

  • rocketnerd

    if you go a few blocks further north, you’ll still be in close walking distance to all of the aforementioned attractions, but not have to deal with the condo fee, as you’ll have your own rowhouse for the same price. if this were a big building with amenities for the condo fee, it’d be one thing – but it’s not.

    that extra $350 a month works out to about $65k more in sales price on a mortgage…which will bring a comparable rowhouse a lot more into your price range.

  • Anonymous

    i own a house about 400 ft from this condo (according to google maps)… wonderland is actually a plus! and, i am in my late 30s not necessarily wonderland’s demographic, but because of wonderland there are always people outside and it is a much safer walk home from metro… p.s. i never hear anything noise-wise from wonderland when i am in my house. sometimes on the roof deck,but if I am out at 10 or later on the roof deck I probably have friends over and my own music going.

  • New2CH

    Checked this place out today. It is very nice, but I think it would be better as a two bedroom. Basically, there is a wall cutting off the entire living room and kitchen from the front exposure, creating the third bedroom. As a consequence, there is very little natural light in the primary living space. I would have made the living room larger, kept the front exposure, and made it a two bedroom with a huge living / dining area and lots of light. there is enough space for three bedrooms, but the layout as is feels strange.


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