Washington, DC

bendy straw and beer
Photo by PoPville flickr user annejuliet

“Dear PoP,

Some friends and I are renting a cabin over President’s Day weekend and each of us will be responsible for preparing a meal. Since I’m not much of a chef, a dear friend of mine offered to prepare a meal on my behalf, but I’d still like to contribute something to the weekend’s food festivities. After all, food is a big part of a weekend with no internet service, no cable television and few diversions.

I’m thinking of holding a cheese and beer tasting, since I’ll be in the midst of beer lovers. I’ve done some online research and am feeling a little overwhelmed with all of the information, since I’m neither a beer or cheese buff. Does anyone out there have advice on specific pairings that I can find locally? Should I choose beers that I know this crowd will like and then pair them with cheese or the other way around? Are there shops in the area that may be able to help? Restaurants that offer such pairings that I could check out beforehand?”

I know there are lots of beer lovers out in PoPville so I’m equally eager to hear your suggestions as I also love cheese…


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