Cabin Fever Video

by Prince Of Petworth February 9, 2010 at 3:00 pm 18 Comments

Lots of folks are having cabin fever set in. They’ve watched all the movies they can, drank all their booze and naturally it will lead creative people like this to make a video. Ed. Note: I don’t know these people and perhaps it is because of my own cabin fever but the longer this video lasted the harder I found myself laughing…

  • JenDC

    Love it love it love it. Makes me so proud to be a Washingtonian (sob).

  • anony

    that’s awful.

  • la_niña

    I am sure they are federal employees reaching the very end of sanity!!!! – mmm actually passed the sanity line long ago. I wish I was a federal employee

  • Jaycee


  • Vegnout

    Love it! Thanks for sharing.

  • Ohio Player


  • Mal

    Funny! More cabin fever in store for tomorrow – federal govt closed again. Appreciate it, but this is getting a little ridiculous!

  • That was fun!

  • Anonymous

    the real question is: who will be the brunt of our pent up rage tomorrow?

    lamp post girl?
    anti-prayer people?
    parking scoflaws?
    uber liberal non car owners?

    maybe neener will drop some gems.

  • plugged in

    I see it now, real-time PoP lip synch rap wars via live PoP broadcast and collective user group all with skype-ing back into the PoP mothership.

    Very cool, neat they had so many folks, I wonder who did the editing? Kind of steamy too, pent up orgy if you ask me! All day every day….

  • leeindc

    Me and my 4 kids were jamming to to this over and over. Definite cabin fever.

  • msfreewrite

    These people are so fun–I wish they were my neighbors so I could be in their next video. (Sigh.)

  • Alison

    I made this, and we’re thinking of making another. I can get anybody interested in on it! (It has nothing to do with our neighbors, it has everything do with who was chatting with us online when we decided to make it.)

  • future pop attorney

    Simply awesome.
    Where were ya’ll chatting?

  • Alison

    Google chat!


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