Reader Follow Up on Ice Skating on the Canal

by Prince Of Petworth January 12, 2010 at 9:05 pm 3 Comments

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Last week I reader suggested ice skating on the canal. While the weather is warming up and this will not be feasible this weekend, here is the follow up:

“Dear PoP,

Sunday was a perfect day for skating on the canal – with a couple hundred people zipping and wobbling along and at least 9 vigorous hockey games going on. It was great to see so many girls playing! At least a fourth of every game!

Unfortunately, the skate-able areas are really limited this year, not because of lack of ice, but lack of water. Fletcher’s boathouse – usually a good spot – was almost empty before the freeze.

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The best spot is Lock Seven. There is plenty of parking and a nice dock to gear up. People have shoveled off room for 5 hockey games, and there is a pretty well cleared path for about another 1/3 of a mile past that. The snow covered areas aren’t bad but do slow you down and hide little sticks & debris (knee pads yay!)

Lock 8 is drained & empty on the top side of the lock, but there was enough ice below the lock for a small hockey game.

Chain Bridge also offers good access and parking and a good long strip of ice, but the water level there was also very low, so the skating area is narrow. Still, there were a couple hundred people here.”

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