Pete’s New Haven Style Apizza Second Location Officially Announced for Wisconsin Ave

by Prince Of Petworth — January 21, 2010 at 11:30 am 15 Comments


The scuttlebutt from Dec. has been confirmed. A press release says that Pete’s second location will be located at 4940 Wisconsin Ave, NW at the corner of Fessenden (halfway between Tenleytown and Friendship Heights). The store will be 3,400 square feet and can seat up to 100 people. The space is expected to open in April and like the Columbia Heights location will serve wine and beer. In the warm weather there will be outdoor seating as well. Looks like a great spot.

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  • andy

    Maybe Two Amys will be less crowded now.

  • neener

    That’s a great location and if I’m not wrong is right across the street from the old Armands Carryout.

  • ah

    So for those who go to the other store, how much like actual New Haven pizza is the “new have style” pizza that Pete’s dishes up?

    • Anonymous

      Not that much – it’s more like New York-style pizza. Pretty good, nothing special. I’d rather have Modern Apizza FedEx me one of theirs, frozen.

    • Quincy9

      Agree, not at all like Modern, Pepe’s or Sally’s, but pretty good nonetheless. Nice to be able to grab some gelato while there.

  • Victoria

    Still missing Zebra Room! Bacon and onion pizza! Kill me now I’ll die happy pizza perfection – enjoyed from stabbed vinyl chairs while transfixedly watching rotisserie chickens go round and round in the window – waiting for the pope’s nose to flap over as the chicken roasting ferris wheel rotated round and round. . .

    Zebra room is gone
    Lovely, greasy perfection
    Pizza should hurt you.

  • SG

    Great location. This will add some nice activity on a stretch of Wisconsin with great potential.

    • Serena

      Yep, there have been a lot of empty storefronts along those couple of blocks lately, so it would be nice to have something that could liven up the area. I wouldn’t say there’s a ton of foot traffic, but on the other hand, there aren’t a lot of decent restaurant options in the neighborhood, so they may do well in that spot.

  • Anonymous

    I liked the old haven style pizza better, personally, but YMMV.

  • Matt T

    @neener – Yep, that’s the spot!

  • Anonymous

    That spot has hosted a lot of different businesses and all of them have failed. And even Heller’s Bakery left the spot next door. That block might have a little bit of a curse going on.

  • Best of luck to the Pete’s family! That’s a hard-working bunch of restaurateurs, who deliver a quality product. (I do believe one of the owners hand-delivered a pie to my house in Petworth just last week.)

  • usamj

    they are lucky. petes pizza is the best.

  • Anonymous

    I had terrible pizza there, cold, thin, and half the size of the slice another customer bought from the same pie, and we paid the same price.

  • Anonymous

    I do so love some Pete’s. I grew up on New Haven pizza, and while it’s not exactly the same as, say, Pepe’s, it’s damned good in its own right.


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