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  • Anon

    very excited – hope the pizza is good.

  • saf

    Sorry anon, but if it’s like the Tenley location, the pizza is NOT good. IMO, it is pretty bad.

    • ah

      Disagree, at least as DC goes. Which I realize is saying extremely little.

      It’s a bit on the doughy side, and the delivery charge isn’t appreciated, but it’s better than most. Including Duccini’s, which seemed to decline in quality recently.

  • Charlie Jones

    I love Angelicos. It’s not the best pizza in the world, but it’s pretty good for DC. I used to live in Mt Pleasant and ate Angelicos at least twice a month. I now live in Shaw and the pizza there leaves a lot to be desired. I miss Angelicos…

  • hcfoo22

    we have an angelico’s way up on georgia ave in upper north country. It’s my favorite delivery in the area. Nothing fancy but pretty good.

  • Quetzal

    Angelico’s makes a really decent, no-frills pizza. Not everything has to be gourmet.

  • Anonymous

    It’s OK but for delivery pizza I prefer Duccini’s over Angelico’s. It would do if there was nothing else around.

  • Living on Mt P

    Angelico’s is cheap and good. It is definitely one of our go to spots.

  • wdc

    Not sure this is part of the same group as the others in Tenleytown, Mt Pleasant, coming to H St etc.


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