Washington, DC


Thanks again to DC realtor Kevin Wood for compiling this list of home/condo sales for zip codes – 20011, 20010, 20009, 20005, 20003, 20002, and 20001. Click below on “November sales” for the full list in pdf format. If there is a zipcode you’d like to see added please let me know.

November Sales

While we’re talking about Home Sales Washingtonian Magazine is writing a story on recent experiences:

“It’s going to track the boom and bust of the housing bubble from the perspective of individuals who lived it firsthand, so we’re looking for stories from people who bought or sold a home in Washington over the past five or six years.  http://www.washingtonian.com/blogarticles/homegarden/openhouse/14267.html

If you’re interested in sharing your experiences click on the link above.


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