Washington, DC

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Thanks to a reader for forwarding the news:

“Please join us this coming weekend as we welcome the long-awaited addition to the Culture Shop community: The Cedar Crossing Tavern and Wine Bar.

Under construction for over three months, the Tavern promises a venue for stimulating conversation, tantalizing cuisine, and a wide representation of your favorite beverages. In addition, The Culture Shop will continue to celebrate world-class shopping via a unique selection of eco-chic accessories, personal care items, clothing, housewares, foodstuff, and much more.

As a space-warming gift, we invite all our visitors to bring a can of food or make a financial donation this weekend (and each weekend throughout November) to be donated to a local charity – in support of our less fortunate neighbors.

Help us usher in the Season of Thanksgiving by celebrating all that is good and right in our global community.”

The Culture Shop is located at 341 Cedar Street, NW.


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