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Just saw this from MPD:

“On November 13, 2009, at approximately 2200 hours, an accident occurred at 13th & Girard Streets, NW. The driver in this case struck a total of 6 cars, including four parked cars and two that were occupied. The driver of the striking vehicle suffered a broken leg and one other person was taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. It was discovered that the striking vehicle was stolen and the driver of that vehicle, a 15-year old male, was apprehended and placed under arrest for a number of felony and traffic charges.

The officers handling the scene were Third District Officers Jonathan Amigo, Thomas Dunn, Jesus Perez, Jared Rothman, William Hamm, and MPO Darryl Arrington.”

These incidents sadly seem to be relatively common on 13th Street.

On a related note when I did a quick search of 13th and Girard I found this great historical photo from Flickr User rockcreek:


He writes:

“A slightly blurry shot of the Army and Navy Academy – a prep school – at 13th and Girard (then Princeton) Streets, NW. From A Statement of Some of Advantages of Beautiful Columbia Heights (1904).”


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