Washington, DC

Photo courtesy of The Triangle Blog

“Dear PoP,

Has anyone tried these guys out? – http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/656541

The rig is pretty impressive, but more importantly what about the food? Would love to know who has the best BBQ here in the city. I live in the Bloomingdale neighborhood and it would rock to have a BBQ place close by. There is a BBQ place on RI Ave by the Getty Station but really doesn’t look like it does any business…nor does it look sanitary. Would love to hear what people have to say.”

Wow, this looks pretty cool. Mt. Vernon Triangle blog wrote about it here. It is located on the corner of 6th 4th and New York Ave, NW. DC Pit BBQ is Georgia based but features Kansas City Style BBQ. Anyone give them a try yet?

Ed. Note: We’ve previously discussed BBQ spots here, and here and here and here.


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