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  • New2CH

    Yeah! Super nice folks running this place, I’m excited. The menu looks great:


  • CH Resident

    Maybe I’m behind with the times but this is an interesting concept to me, has it ever been tried before? Seems to me like a Starbucks with better sounding food, alcohol, and (hopefully) better coffee and tea. Interesting…I’ll be sure to try it out though.

  • voiceofreason

    CH Resident, Brothers was like that in Cleveland Park before it went under.

  • MK

    Everybody! Something is going down at 16th & Kennedy Street NW. The right lanes on 16th going south towards downtown are blocked off. I see cops, fire trucks, ambulance, two empty metro buses, a car turned sideways across the lanes and possibly two other cars involved in something. I don’t know if its an accident, cop chase or what. Traffic is being diverted to the side streets. The northbound lanes on 16th are slow but passable.

  • Chip

    Looks great. Tynan Johnson might be the most talented barista in the Washington area.

  • USA! USA!

    Will the cappuccinos be less than $5 and not taste like dirt? That is the test.

  • animal mother

    CH Resident: The concept sounds pretty similar to Tryst in Adams Morgan. Hopefully Tynan’s will be somewhere near as awesome.

  • Victoria

    How “talented” can a barista possibly be? You scoop up some coffee, wrench it into a machine and press a button – maybe wiggle a little design in the foam – am I missing something?

  • future pop attorney

    what’s with the folded sign and the bag attached to your foot?

  • The AMT

    @FPA – It’s actually my picture – I can’t say why the sign is folded, but the bag at my feet is a Giant bag with a sack of dog food in it. I saw the sign on my way home from Target and thought the blogs would be interested.

  • Prince Of Petworth

    Yup, sorry shoulda phrased the post better – thanks to AMT for the photo!

  • Anonymous

    The reflection person looks kinda hot…

  • Anonymous

    FPA ohhhh, you have an admirer 🙂

    I guess I should get an IPhone now…

  • bogfrog

    “We look forward to seeing you” — so kind and cute! I will look forward to seeing them too

  • CHisOK

    Can’t wait! Right by the metro? This place is going to get toooooons of business from me!


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