Washington, DC


From an email:

A small Quaker preschool at DuPont Circle needs volunteers Thursday, Friday and Saturday for a PLAYGROUND BUILD! We are replacing a 20+ year old playground at School for Friends, and we could use your help.

A group called Learning Structures helped design the new playground, and will be down this week guiding the build. We need some skilled workers for Thursday and Friday, and anybody who can come to help out Saturday is welcome.

Please contact Roxana Geffen ([email protected]) if you can help! On Saturday, we need all skill levels for building, as well as help with child care and general logistics.

Skill levels:

1 I’m nice to be with
2 Basic drill-handling and hammering
3 I’ve built a deck and done a reasonable amount of carpentry
4 Skilled carpenter, worked professionally or equivalent

We also welcome donations of food, water, funds or tools (we can give you our tax id & receipt!).

School for Friends: http://www.schoolforfriends.org/


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