Guys From Capital City Diner Mugged – MPD Hesitant to Take a Report

by Prince Of Petworth August 24, 2009 at 11:42 am 48 Comments


The guys from the Capital City Diner faced a truly unpleasant experienced. First mugged then hesitation in filing a report from MPD. On their Web site they write:

“We were walking down the street, passed by a group of 4-5 young people (one in a wheelchair), one of which asked if we had any money. After we passed about 10-15 feet, he quickly approached us, presented what appeared to be a sawed-off shotgun in his pants, and then demanded money from us. Two of us handed over some money and they fled up L St NE toward Carver/Langston. 911 was called immediately after, but it took some time for a respose and thus the police couldn

  • Anonymous

    Is this a real story? I am in shock. What a lazy cop? Blame the victim – it’s your fault for being white and you weren’t robbed because you handed over the money – hell, it’s not like you were shot or anything.

    This cop should lose his job.

  • Mal

    Wow I agree with Anonymous1145… That cop should definitely get some sort of reprimand. This city is in a sad, sad state.

  • FH

    We had this happen — someone tried to steal something from our backyard, my husband yelled at the guy, the guy dropped it. When my husband called MPD to report the crime, the cops didn’t want to take the report because nothing was actually stolen.


    This is even worse.

  • ontarioroader

    And this, ladies and gentleman, is why “crime rates have dropped in DC”. It’s all a numbers game now with the MPD higher-ups. Discouraging reports, thefts misclassified as ‘lost property’ – this kind of stuff happens every day. Matt should turn this into the huge f’ing deal it really is. Contact the Post, City Paper, Fox 5.

  • Make sure to read the full account on the Cap City web site. It’s even more ridiculous and discouraging. http://www.capitalcitydiner.com/blog/?p=15

  • Virginia

    And this is exactly why I no longer live in the District and now cue “leaving the city is not an option” yadda yadda yadda…it was an option for me, I took it and embraced life outside of DC with open arms!

  • sophiagrrl

    It makes me incensed whenever I hear someone make an excuse like, well you were on a sketchy block or you should have locked the car door. Here’s a news flash: even if I am white, young, drunk, and walking with $100 in cash in my hand, it is WRONG WRONG WRONG to take it from me. If my front door is open and I am not home, my TV is still MINE and you are still wrong to take it. If my car is left unlocked on the street, it is still WRONG to take my CD’s. If my bike is unlocked on my porch, it is still mine and not yours and NO you cannot blame me if it is taken.

    And to anyone anywhere who start equivocating about expecting bad things because of where you were, or when, or whatever – this story is an example of how that tendency creeps onward until somehow it is ok to scare someone into handing over their cash. Because, well, they didn’t fight and they were in that kind of neighborhood.


  • Nate

    Why do you always report on the black people doing the robbing/raping/killing in this city? Tongue firmly in cheek!

  • CP

    Were the situation reversed — with a black victim — the ACLU and NAACP would be going absolutely berserk; every major media outlet would give headlines to the story.

    It’s a sick Southern society down here. MPD is a bunch of animals.

  • Christina

    Did a report eventually get filed (I hope?)

  • Christina – Yes, the update on the Cap City Diner blog says that MPD has opened an investigation into how this was handled. http://www.capitalcitydiner.com/blog/?p=15

  • Leroy

    I mean, it was their fault for being crackers.

  • Eric in Ledroit

    Similar thing happened to me two years ago – I came downstairs to find a kid on my porch banging on my security door’s lock with a brick (after having kicked in the wooden door behind it). Called the police, they showed up, were unable to find him as he had run into the elementary school (yes he was that young) and they didn’t want to pursue it further. I guess it would be too tough to figure out which kid had ran into the school two hours late, right?

    to add insult to injury the “detective” who showed up refused to classify it as attempted burglary or anything – he documented it as “vandalism” since the kid had banged up my door. Incredibly frustrating.

  • Anonymous

    You know this crap goes on all of the time. This is the kind of story the Washington Post should be investigating and writing up in the Metro section instead of spending their time on the “licensing of Maryland crabbers” but everyone knows that newspaper has gone totally to hell in a handbasket.

  • This is a terrible, unfortunate and scary story. We don’t live in a vigilante society so we turn to the police for protection and crime solving. Thankfully no one was hurt in this incident.

  • Dirty

    Had my house burglarized before moving in, the finger print guy touched the door knob before taking the print while saying… “We don’t usually get anything but a partial print when we do this” Right… your partial print you f’ing moron!

  • I just don’t know what to think about this string of comments – like from Leroy? For real?

    Crime is bringing us all down, white, black, or brown.

  • Po Po

    What incentive does the Police department have to reduce crime? Less overtime? If an officer screws up, rarely do they get fired, I mean that’s what the union is for, protection.

    Clearly there aren’t any political consequences in this city, which is why the same do-nothings are re-elected. I mean they elect criminals, literally. Give me more and I’ll keep electing them so they can increase the tax on the rich people and keep giving me the same thing.

    DC exemplifies the failures of liberalism beyond belief… yet you keep throwing money at it and act like it will change, shame on you and your guilt.

  • Christina

    Nicholas — thanks, you gave that link earlier and I overlooked it. What a lousy situation.

  • Bernie Goetz

    Well if that is the new DC Police approach, then it sort of changes my approach to gun control. Instead of banning them, perhaps concealed carry is a good idea!

  • dcpublius

    When someone tried to steal my motorcycles from my back yard, failed, and instead vandalized it, the cops showed up but wouldn’t take a report.

    When my roomates’ bicycle was stolen from our back yard, the cops never showed.

  • carn

    Sounds just like cops typical M.O. to me. I chased two guys who I caught breaking into cars in Mt. Pleasant last year. During the pursuit I flagged down a cop who helped chase them and we caught them. After several other units showed up the cops eventually tried to talk me out of doing anything about it and how they would get off anyways because of “all the damn liberals.” Eventually I just conceded, I had other things to do and just threw my hands up in the air. This town man…

  • Quincy street neighbor

    There have been a string of muggings of patrons leaving Jimmy Valentine’s by youths armed with guns. I wouldn’t be surprised if the perpetrators were one and the same since cap city diner is caddy corner to Jimmy V’s. Be careful guys and watch your backs!!!

  • Nate

    Just goes to show why people pay so much to live west of the Park. There is a large segment of the black population IN THIS AREA that you just can’t live in around. Call me racist. Call me a hater. But it is true. The level of dysfunction in the households are insurmountable. My neighbor allows her sons to have sex in the home while she is there. She brags on how big their penises are. She calls her sons her little ‘Mandingos’.

    On my block, there is only one male headed household. People think that is the problem. I say that the real problem is that the mothers have ceased being parents. Some of the mothers are worse than the fathers.

  • Anonymous

    I watched someone break into a contractors van outside my house and called to report. MPD told me that a report couldn’t be taken because it wasn’t my van. A thug stole the license plates off my tenants car; I saw him driving around with her license plate. MPD told me that they couldn’t take a report because the plates weren’t mine. So don’t waste your time if you witness a crime that’s not perpetrated on you personally – a report can’t be taken anyway. I guess if I see someone being murdered I shouldn’t bother calling because MPD wouldn’t be able to take a report (unless I personally was being murdered).

  • FH

    Agree w/Anon @1:59PM: I had completely forgotten the same thing happened in front of my house. My husband’s friend was leaving our house and witnessed an attempted car break-in. The friend called MPD who responded but would not take down a report because the vehicle in question did not belong to the person who witnessed the attempted break-in. We could not find the owner of the vehicle (it was Sunday and we live near three churches), to MPD just left.

  • This seems like a PR spin that backfired example #3,284.

  • carylmarx

    I think it’s time to join the dark side

    :::smashes car window:::

  • StubsDC

    MPD is a disgrace. We had an incident on our street where a young adult with severe developmental delays was throwing a large stick in front of oncoming cars. MPD was obviously called, but the officer proceeded to scream at the young man and verbally abuse him. At that point, we contacted Lanier and the local chief to file a complaint about this officer’s behavior.

    When a detective contacted us to start the “investigation,” he told us that he knows the guy and he’s a really good guy. We knew right away there wouldn’t be a real investigation. Then he tells us the guy is a friend of the family and that the family is ok with him verbally abusing the young man (and that that is how he talks to his own son, too).

    I don’t know that anyone with a temper like that (that he uses regularly on his own family) should be allowed to carry a weapon and pretend to uphold and defend the laws of this city.

    I think all these guys should be forced to reapply for their jobs and an outside (not from DC and not wrapped up in DC’s nonsense) third party firm should be in charge of deciding who does get hired. Enough already.

  • Nate

    Anyone read Colbert King’s latest article?

    “To those resilient enough to stay alive and keep on their feet? The District’s answer: Get as far away as you can from those who are about to self-destruct, and we might have a place for you.”

  • mmmkkk

    is that a sawed-off shotgun in your pants or are you…

  • voiceofreason

    Start giving DC kids schools that actually prepare them for college or work, parents that care, and jobs that mean something, and maybe they’ll stop mugging rich people and/or slinging drugs to make a living. Or instead bitch and moan about the MPD and “liberals”. Seems to be more popular anyway.

  • carylmarx

    voiceofreason = clueless

  • John

    I just called to leave a message at the DC Office of Police Complaints to let them know that I heard of this incident and that I am disappointed with the apparent apathy of the DC Police. I also said that I support an investigation into the general matter.

    If you would like to call or e-mail the office, the information is:

    (202) 727-3838

  • voiceofreason

    No, the clue is to realize that outsourcing community building to the police and/or politicians has never ever worked in the long term, and it rarely even works in the short term. You want less muggings, you start working on giving kids and young adults around here alternatives to mugging, and you start working on parents and teachers to do the same. I mean do you seriously think a phone or letter writing campaign to the MPD will do a damn thing about crime in DC? Seriously? It’s a farce.

  • had_enough

    My daughter has lived in Petworth (Randolph Street NW) for the past 1 1/2 years. Just recently she had her car broken into and vandalized. The police came out for that one because there was a problem with her registration. Yesterday, she was jogging in her neighborhood and two young kids (10 years old?) on scooters mugged her and stole her Ipod. She has seen thse kids around before. She called to report the incident and was told “Sorry to hear that”. No police came out! She has had enough and is planning to move out of DC.

  • victoriam

    Voiceofreason – I totally support giving kids “parents that care.” Please tell us how to do that. Also with you against “mugging rich people.” Can you give us an income level for rich? I want to stop earning before I’m in danger!

  • Nate

    Maybe now the gentrification will start slowing down or finally be reversed, we can start getting some reasonably priced homes in the district. The new people just think that they would move in and immediately create a eurocentric city. you have to realize these natives will continue to fight progress

  • victoriam

    Gentrification reversed = what?

  • 14thandColumbia

    Start snitching.

  • mark

    who whoa whoa Quincy, what is this “string of muggings of patrons leaving jimmy valentine’s”? we only know of one other, which was when Hazel and Russ left our place a few weeks ago and got mugged 12 blocks away at 11th and I St. NE (which is one block off H St.). that was nowhere near us. our area has been strangely safe for over 2 years, essentially for lack of other prey since no other business is near.
    if this has changed PLEASE let me know what’s going on?!?
    thanks so much
    [email protected]

    # Quincy street neighbor Says:
    August 24th, 2009 at 1:49 pm

    There have been a string of muggings of patrons leaving Jimmy Valentine

  • Anonymous

    mmmmmm scuddlebutt

  • Anonymous

    Last Summer, my ladder was stolen from my yard after a chain securing it was cut.
    I then showed two MPD police officers the damage done to my fence as well, and the first they said to me was, “Are you sure you want to file a report?”

    To this day, I don’t know which visit was worse -the invited police or the uninvited thieves.

  • Kathryn

    I hope that this was reported to the District Commander, cc’d to Cathy Lanier’s office. There really are people who care about fixing things in the MPD, so help them out by reporting this kind of BS.

    Also, the MPD is hiring a new round of recruits, with a requirement that they have at least an associate’s degree. Not that you have to have education to be a good cop, necessarily, but it shows that they are trying to upgrade the staff.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, I remember the last time they “upgraded” the staff they didn’t do the proper background checks and ended up hiring a bunch of young thugs. The cops turned out to be the biggest dealers in the hood. Residents were more afraid of them than the criminals. The only relief we got was the FBI coming in and cleaning up the force.

  • caphillchick

    Just wanted to give a shout out to some of the good cops out there. Had someone break into my backyard shed and steal some tools. The cops were there in five min (I called 911). The guy came back, the cops came back, there was a chase, it was nuts (I don’t live in the “nice” part of the hill). The officer in charge stayed after his shift was over to check on us and even gave us his cell in case the guy came back again. The report was easy to file and everyone was very professional. This is all at 10-12pm in the rain in December.

  • I am always shocked by the venom and racism in the comments section. The anonymity of the internet seems to provide many with the bravado they need to their most hateful thoughts.

  • It happened at all country..
    Some of cops has a connection with the criminal gangs..
    It is shame for government servant.


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